Clothed Girls ClubClothed Girls ClubFully clothed = fully impressive

This club exists for all beautiful clothed girls and women.
They need our love too!

Long skirts, dresses, trousers, sweaters, shirts, uniforms, traditional costumes, heavy and light armor, some kinds of plugsuits (not supertight) - more beatiful clothes on impressive girls!

Than more clothes on girl than better;
All types (PVC, Action figure etc.) of figures are allowed;

No: pantsu-shots, deep cleavage, zettai ryouiki, "2 balloons" boob plate type, skin-like slim clothes;

Long skirts/dresses/shorts with tights are welcome;
Uniforms/armor/traditional costumes are welcome!

(Rules can update)

Feel free to comment/PM me if some figures/ladies in lists are not suitable for club rules, even if it's a subject of opinion, I can make mistakes + appreciate all help you can provide.

Important: recent figures/characters updates are in comments left by admin.

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A few suggestions for the club's Related Items list, not sure if they'll all fit your requirements, but here you go! :p

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Lex_Linn (1ヶ月前) #23949654Huge thanks! Most of entries are valuable for club. I appreciate your help ;D You're Welcome! I'm happy to be of help :)
Voxa (2ヶ月前) #23510771Here is some I thought would be good :)

Huge thanks! Most of entries are valuable for club. I appreciate your help ;D
Added Amir Halgal encyclopedia #31892 and bunch of her figures in list.
Several Kantai ladies
Tetsudou Musume and it's ladies as example of good female uniforms. encyclopedia #11352
03ヶ月前 (3ヶ月前)Lex_LinnLex_Linn
Added Hirasawa Yui in list encyclopedia #1532 and bunch of other K-ON figures aswell.
03ヶ月前 (3ヶ月前)Lex_LinnLex_Linn
Added Holo and her (mfc link)(clothed) figures in list.
Even with her naked look anime and manga themselves don't accent it too much + she still wears pretty decent clothes most of time and has quite a pleasant style so I suppose she can be here.
Thanks to everybody who remains in this club.
Added bunch of kimono ladies in list. Club is still alive and slowly expands!


Clothed Girls Club


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