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Welcome to the fan club of the lovable trap chara in Bakatest!

Hideyoshi is one of the inner circle members of the Fumizuki's 2-F class, whom have a very feminine look. His shoukanjuu wears Hakama and have Naginata as a weapon. He is voiced by Katou Emiri.


Bakatest Club: club #309
Traps Club: club #113

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janni (2年前) #1400355>< would definitely go out with him even if i'm a guy
I think that goes without saying :P
>< would definitely go out with him even if i'm a guy
hideyoshi is so cute!!!for a guy >.<
New to the club and site, but I do love cute things, and Hideyoshi is one of the cutest :P, anyway, just thought I would comment to say Hello. So, Hello.
Hello! Just letting you know I linked to this club in Shota ♥ Love under 'Related Clubs'. Hope this is alright with you. You can link back if you wish.
You have his bed sheets? I want to buy some to.Maakie (4年前) #560258I really love Hideyoshi! He's so cute! <3

Too bad my boyfriend doens't like my bedsheet of him! D:
hideyoshi so cute :">
wurpessThey need to do a "damage ver." china dress figure. :D (ext link)

lol XD
04年前wurpesswurpess GO GO DUMMY PINK!!!
They need to do a "damage ver." china dress figure. :D (ext link)
04年前 (4年前)AIexanderAIexander
moe2kyunI'm currently saving for the Azone doll. If I owned that, my life would be nearly complete....

wish me luck, guys ;_; (Plus the fact that my father will against it)

Hmmmm Azone haven't posted any news about Hideyoshi's price and release date ;-;

and i hope they fixed his hair


Kinoshita Hideyoshi Fan-Club


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