I've never been to Day 0 myself, but if you plan on going every other day, I feel like that will be plenty of fun.

There are a lot of awesome panels and events you can go to in AX, even if you skip Day 0, so you should only consider it if they announce something you absolutely have to go to.

The 4th of July isn't too important of a holiday for my family. But if it is for yours, and you have the opportunity to go since it isn't mid con, then you might want to spend it with them. ^^
layla-weston90 (1時間前) #24929350I'm thinking of giving up my pre-order on AmiAmi, truthfully I really do love this scale to Sakura but the delay has literally screwed me, I have other RL commitments to deal with so I hardly have any money for her and if she's released early in the month next month then there's no way I can pay for her :(

I know how you feel. :/
I don't even know who this is. Still waiting for other characters of the 'older' shows.
First of all ... time got to it.
That's just how things go but not only has time gotten to it, you might've also noticed that nothing really came along that was similar to BRS OVA, Steins;gate, etc.
And that's because it doesn't fit the current "trend". Story driven anime like that have been replaced by nothing more than pure fanservice ... fanservice in more ways than just ecchi-stuff, moe and certain themes (idols for example) are some examples of fanservice.
We'll have some decent anime now and then that are still beautiful like what it used to be, short, story focused anime. But these are far less popular nowadays and are way overshadowed by fanservice anime, brain dead action anime or worse ...

Side note, the actual series of brs wasn't that great imo. Had some decency to it but it lost its je ne sais quoi

But as someone mentioned down in the comments, it's better for an anime (producer and what not) to know when to end it.
Many anime that I personally enjoyed, whether that be anime series, game series or others, got ruined because they didn't know when to end it and wanted to keep milking the franchise.
Have one to sell from Europe - contact me if interested
Hokuto (11時間前) #24912603I don't know Japanese
is there Galko release date?
[ext link ]

August 27th
It kind of seems like there just wasn't any more creative support for it, whether due to lack of monetary incentive or maybe the creatives behind it were no longer interested. Naturally, without further development, the hype behind it will die, etc.
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♫Thread: Suruga-ya GO (July)
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♫Comments/Recommendations: Super, super helpful & friendly. Items arrived safely. Thank you again ^.^
Well well. I hoped for Valentines Yoshiko UR as Alter's figure since I find her the most gorgeous Aqours card, but I have to admit that this outfit suits her personality better. But I still hope that they'll pick Valentines outfit for any of other girl, I'd be so happy.

Thinking of other girls, they don't have enough promo SRs and URs to choose from, and event cards are not so elaborate as ordinary set cards (except for Hanamaru/Kanan winter themed event), so I think that the new Alter set will be based mostly on SRs or SSRs. Just my thoughts.
This is pretty well done and the accessories are great. Decent price too.

So should I get into this furry thing?
Happy Birthday!
victorviper (1時間前) #24932873And sometimes, I think it's better for a franchise that you like to wrap itself up nicely as opposed to hanging around too long and "jumping the shark" as they say.I agree with this totally! I also think it's better to have short but good run for your series/franchise than to go on forever and then the quality starts inevitably to drop. Like look whats happening to Madoka Magica, the third movie was complete U-turn of what the series was originally about and there's another movie coming aswell, i doubt that it will be the last. They are most likely gonna milk Madoka Magica for decades.
absoulte adorable.
1時間前 (1時間前)LilieLilie
(Ugh.. i spent an hour writing a reply to your blog, but its all lost thanks to the design of this website.)

I think it's more that BRS had it's run and that's it. I don't think BRS was meant to go on forever like some other anime. There's plenty of animes similar to BRS that have their run and then sort of dissapear. I'm surprised BRS even got so many different adaptations in the first place.

I think part of the popularity in 2010-2013 was due there being new BRS related stuff coming all the time, whether it was merchandise, anime, manga etc... So it makes sense that it dropped in popularity after new BRS related things stopped coming.

Still i think BRS franchise as a whole was better than people gave it credit for. There are especially many creative people that like the series. Maybe if they tried to do a anime that was more true to the original artwork and fanart it might have gotten received better, but i'm not sure if BRS as a whole would have gotten any more popular than what it is now.

There's still new BRS fanart coming every week on Deviantart, Pixiv, Tumblr etc.. and i think it's kind of fitting that the series has sort of returned to where it started.
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FaytTheCount (14時間前) #24909551Was Rem always this busty? or is it just the clothes that's making her look bustier?That is why there is this magic device called "Push up bra"... ;)
The reason that springs to my mind is oversaturation. You just had so much BRS-related material getting released in a fairly short period of time and I think that only the hardest-core fans could have kept up with it all.

Also, the idea behind BTS is not an uninteresting one, but there's a pretty limited amount of material to draw from and you just reach a point where there's not a lot more you can do with the characters and the setting.

Further, BRS' origins are getting close to 10 years old, and anime franchises that manage to endure that long are definitely the exception and not the norm. That's just the nature of this hobby.

And sometimes, I think it's better for a franchise that you like to wrap itself up nicely as opposed to hanging around too long and "jumping the shark" as they say.
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I see why people keep their figures in boxes. ;)

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