White Rabbit Express
Issued solved thanks to some AMAZING MFC users.... :D

Looking for one, please pm me any offers :)

Edit: For some reason this got posted 3 times, if any mods see this could you delete the other two
I can't help but I've run into the same problem so lmk if you get an answer OTL
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Selling BNIB for $16.50 US +shipping! I can ship to Canada and the US
She's looking good. I really like the way she's adjusting her suit. Let's hope Freeing doesn't screw up her hair color in the final product... for some reason Freeing seems to have problems with the blonde color.
Why is it so difficult for producers to create a DECENT CC figure where her clothes are NOT falling off and she is not half naked all the time.

On the other hand:
can I have a figure of Lelouche where his clothes fall of. Thanks. I want that Lulu Booty on display.
She's gorgeous. Those wings are insanely heavy.

Am I crazy or am I the only one that prefers PVC used for hair and hands? Takes the pressure off breaking those super skinny Polystone tips..
Your first figure was a Konata too. Imagine that :)
I think the sculpt captured her character very well.
There are thirteen faces in this picture however I can only distinguish two expressions picture #1833853
I would like to see a figure of Saotome Mary also, she is delightful tsundere.
This is taking three times as long as a normal release.
4時間前agentmozellagentmozell nerd extraordinaire
After careful consideration I've decided to sell mine. Mine has the autographed box. Box and blister are not in the best condition but Grey himself is in perfect condition. PM me. Shipping from the US.
thmpi (7時間前) #27451496i love this figure as she is - better than the tits out and double dildos poseright she looks elegant and sexy. I love these style of dresses. Black and gold is a very sexy combination. The castoff lewd extras are unnecessary.

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