InnocenceShiro (13日前) #24451779WTF the price is crazy...

Yeah, I know Steiff is a pretty collectible teddy bear brand but, lol. I'd love to get these but I'm with you on the price lol. Must be like, super limited.
I really hope that GSC will make a remake of her :D maybe for their 1000. nendoroid?
The fanbook still worth the extra 1000JPY I think, so it's ok. I end up pre-ordered her at 3 different sites including GSC shop anyway >_<
Happy Birthday!!! I hope everything is going well over there! ^ ^
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michitariru (5時間前) #24962183Koto has for figures from other series. They've done multiple re-releases for a couple of their Zestiria figures so it's possible they may someday for Kaneki but I feel like if they were going to it probably would've happened by now :/
All we can do is hope and pray ;=;
Happy Birthday to U ^__^
WindsorSeven (8日前) #24674143Gaaaahhh I wrote this whole thing and then accidentally went to another page TWICE (-________________-).
Well, my (shoddy) plan is to keep applying for jobs until around December, at which point if I don't have one I'll come back home and get my TEFL certificate, which takes around three months, and then travel and head back and start applying for jobs again. Don't know how that's going to workout, but that is my plan so far lol. Very well thought out, I know.
I'm glad I could help, even if just a little! I just watched 6 today, so no spoilers! Actually, my sis just spoiled something for me the other day with a really random comment. I keep reminding her that she ruined me. Ha, you're not painting a very nice picture of your fellow classmates. There's got to be some people who are more grounded right? I mean, how can you say something like that? Ugh...people. Also WHAT?! How in the world does that guy still have his position? It's so sad that he can be that corrupt with no repercussions. Lol, this is going to sound super lame, but it reminds me of an old Good Charlotte I know (-_-;) song that had a lyric along the lines of "if you were caught smoking crack, McDonald's wouldn't even want to take you back, but you could always run for mayor of D.C." Too true lol.
Oh right, we talked about your first one last time, didn't we? Lol, I'm so sorry for forgetting! Can you tell it's my worst habit? I think everyone goes through that "buy everything" phase when they first start. I know I sure did. Though, now that I'm looking at your collection...you already have more figs that I do! Ah! Am I just a really slow collector? I mean, I know I am but jeez, didn't think it was that bad. Btw, did you buy item #396832 for the Halloween parts? If so, I want her for the same reason. Also I love that you have item #321897, aka gay Miku, ordered. I hope the final product comes out as lovely and colorful as the proto. Do you keep all your stuff boxed up? I hear you about finding ways to display figs. Do you have enough room or will you need to do some creative tetris? I like the way all my figures are set up, except the four I have on one shelf. They don't match at all and it drives me crazy, but I have nowhere else to put them! Ugh, I hope you don't have these problems lol.
Haha, hey don't worry! I'm sure that Enma's price will go down once all the new stuff starts coming out. Nothing stays expensive forever, right? Lol, can I still be impressed you knew the name of that dress, or should I consider it "cheating" :p? Have I already asked you if you speak Chinese? I probably did, yeah?
I will I will! I'll need to write it down or something, cause I never remember it when I'm thinking of movies to watch. LOL, do they think you're a furry or something? Omg that is so cute! Let me know how your character turns out.

Yikes, I know the feeling though haha.

Oh, so then are you planning to stay in the Middle East? It's okay, some plan is better than no plan!

Oh man, Good Charlotte. He's lost it now after the LA Times expose, but honestly the reputation of this school has definitely plummeted... LA Times isn't letting up any time soon. They just keep writing article after article, whatever fault they can come up with for this school. Yeahhhh, it's not a very nice picture of my classmates, but don't get me wrong, there are some wonderful people! Just the sucky ones that usually take centerstage/become the most successful unfortunately....

Well, I'm not very good at selling figs! I definitely need to cull some stuff, but it's hard now that I'm in LA again away from my collection. I think you're probably better about that, which is good!
Yeah, I loved Libeccio's Halloween parts, and her little toothy smile is so cute too! I also had a GSC order and kinda just threw her in because of flat rate shipping... terrible reasoning I know. e__e That bonus base though? Ugh still terrible justification...
Yeah! I think I have enough shelves, but I really need to get rid of a lot of old books and things I have lying around... I'm a mess! And a hoarder... figure collecting sure isn't helping that. xD

Yeah, I think it's kinda cheating. :P Hmmm, I'm not sure, but yeah I do speak a little. Not very well though. I can understand it decently, but it's hard for me to speak because I don't know enough vocab!

Oh, it's just that saying your favorite movie is a "kids" movie makes me seem childish I guess. xD Usually people say their favorite movie is a super highly regarded, serious film or whatever. Which... Zootopia totally is!
Akiza (11時間前) #24956749REALLY hoping he gets some sort of re release, but I have no clue if Kotobukiya does that

Koto has for figures from other series. They've done multiple re-releases for a couple of their Zestiria figures so it's possible they may someday for Kaneki but I feel like if they were going to it probably would've happened by now :/
5時間前 (5時間前)naikouseinaikousei no Tabi
Daisicle (7時間前) #2496036910980 A/B on AmiAmi [ext link ]

Just a heads up, shipping is 7,300yen! They told me she's 3.3kg when packaged up!
omg this is adorable - what a good find!! <3
She will be up for PO tomorrow! (Getting her of course)
Beautiful picture ;D
I really love it
If I take this at face value they are selling Japanese Yen :)

I assume they stopped offer prices in Yen and were only selling internationally in dollars? presumably at a less advantageous exchange rate compared to what would be available by paying in Yen?
Just got my inori today, packaged super well and shipped very quick. Definitely would recommend this seller! :)

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