Akiba Soul
5時間前 (5時間前)freezermilkfreezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
pleeease don't let this get cancelled somehow
What a creative use of a figure box! (´ω`)
Best shrine for best girl. I really wish I had more merch of her than just her Nendoroid. Respect to you tho
ughrora (5時間前) #27451713Darn, she got delayed? Haven't gotten an email from AmiAmi about it yet.

Yes, she was officially delay, i got the mail from AmiAmi early but this morning
5時間前tacholatachola loves you!!
aaah! sorry to hear about that :( i've lost auctions by a single dollar ...it really isn't a fun feeling isn't it?
Darn, she got delayed? Haven't gotten an email from AmiAmi about it yet.
jonathan3205 (23時間前) #27429744Bad news

Darn. Thank you for the heads up though, as I haven't gotten a notification from AmiAmi yet.
ive fallen asleep multiple times before when i was bidding on things, i was bidding on item #350209 and lost by a dollar. the bid didnt go very high (i think it ended at 8 dollars) and its rather expensive everywhere else. so that was one of my biggest ebay goofs

my other goofs would just be me getting lost in the moment and overpaying on a stupid prize figure that i end up wanting to sell within a few months
6時間前 (6時間前)gigokaygigokay
beatriceforlife (4日前) #27274688I freaking hope so... if it gets anywhere close to a month since my order, I'm gonna be asking some questions; they better have some answers. Otherwise they're getting a paypal case and never getting my money again.I waited 12 days for an in stock item, a first for me, anywhere. Based on my experience and some others here at MCF it seems that while they will not answer specific questions, they will ship eventually. There is still plenty of time for a paypal case which would more likely result in you getting your money back instead of your item. So unless you have an alternative option to buy at the same or better price elsewhere, I would wait.
6時間前 (6時間前)ZarkrazZarkraz
Gandalf (12時間前) #27449506Looking at Alter's site I wonder if there's any significance to the order items are listed per month. If so we might see Neptune in November as she's the next in the line, though that wouldn't bode well for the Eli I've already paid for.
It can look that way but no. From what I've noted, Alter's release follows original release month and then announce order within that month. Altair line pops in randomly.
Currently I've got noted down next is Purple > Ikumi > Eli > Saber/Lala > Ranko > Takao > Sachiko for the rest of this year.
I really want Eli soon as well but she's sadly heading towards new years at this point.
She's perfect!
hopefully Good Smile will re-release Aoi's nendoroid! till now, her nendo is so overpriced as f^ck!!!! :'(
Selling for 25USD, shipping and PP fees included within the US.
6時間前SunildattSunildatt Minatsuki Takami <3
Carousel (1ヶ月前) #26197187This whole comment section is going on about MegaHouse like they and Bandai arent the same company.
For some reason I'm really liking the sculpting work done on her legs. I'll have to wait and see before picking her up. She's going to be a very popular character to figurize for Bandai in the coming months.

As a Megahouse fanboy I know that Bandai owns them, also other branches like Plex and all that. However they each have their own signature sculpts and paint jobs. Just making a simple comparison :)

Generally Figuarts Zero does a better overall sculpt and they look better especially from far with their crazy effects and dynamic poses.
Although MH does higher quality paint jobs, they tend to be boring IMO.
TiggerShark (1日前) #27421051I sometimes wonder if GSC themselves have a favourite and least favourite and just sit in a circle chanting "please don't let this win, please don't let this win" with an occasional "I have no idea how we could even begin to sculpt this one" thrown in.

If you think the decision of which design wins is based solely on fans' votes, you are truly mistaken. It is my personal belief that every voting that affects a marketed product is rigged. Trust me, no chanting was involved, at least not in the GSC office.
glalies (5ヶ月前) #20539576my boyfriend loves hana so I was thinking about getting him this for his birthday but is it worth it? The user photos don't look too bad but idk if it's worth the 10k or if I should get him something from another series.
It's probably too late, but I'll answer.

It is a pretty great figure. I dislike statues for the most part and prefer to keep everything small, but even I liked the way this looks. Paint, facial expression, clothing are very nice. I only wish it had a better base and a smaller packaging.

So, if he is a fan of Hana, this would be a great figure.
Orderd her on anime island...site has dissapeard, no response.... *sigh* fml..

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