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020日前 (20日前)RychiRychi
Bea- (20日前) #2591069why sell her sudden? may i see the pic of actual? D: you should give me as gift OTL"

Here: (mfc link) (mfc link)
And the final result came out like this: (mfc link) (mfc link)

Hahah xD
I can take a picture of my collection soon if you want to see. C: (Maybe in some days or so) Then i have time c: I want to see yours too! :D
Bea- (21日前) #2589189im jealous D: coz that fate <//3

I loved that Fate figure, so i pre-ordered her. But she didn't look like i expected i'm selling her. :)
Bea- (23日前) #2583727yes :3 ~ now waiting for kurumi and others --

Nice. :3
I got these figures yesterday~ item #167044
item #227039
item #163736
You got a new nendoroid? Nice~ :D
Bea- (28日前) #2568066ahaha same for me c: do you work?

Haha no, i get some money for going to school etc. And you? c:
Happy New Years btw~





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