Bea-Bea- にこにこにい~


Saving up:
Cosplay Stuffs - Kuroneko wigs, costumes, etc.
Figurines - alot nendo / few figure (slowly to save money)
Nendoroid Accessories - Saving money

I rearranged my figure list (some other figures are bootleg, so i remove it from now on)

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p.s. i had to make my own blog.

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Bea- (17日前) #2291413No, She is from Love Live :>

Oh, i haven't watched Love live, is the anime good? :x
Bea- (27日前) #2271447my fave chara made me to order her :/ loool

Yeah, is she from the Idol master anime? Or i am wrong? x3
She's cute. :3
Bea- (27日前) #2271357I think 4 months? LOL eto im okay, been busy in college and cosplay stuffs :c
and i think i still plan to buy figures~

Yeah! It's WonFes right now too! :I So many new figures coming out~ C:
I stopped buying figures a while too, didn't work out at all xD You will always come back to figures.
Bea- (27日前) #2270859Hello! Its been long time, i just remember about this site XD when i was about to order nendo last week

Oh my BEA, you were gone for more than 2 months? :c
Welcome back ^ ^ How have you been?
05ヶ月前 (4ヶ月前)RychiRychi
Bea- (5ヶ月前) #2047068Aww ~ but ur parents dont mind, for you buying/order figures? since they expensive :x






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