Bea-Bea- Keep Calm and Buy Figures

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Bea- (19日前) #2775807since this month, what are u doing to do? :/ lend some money from ur dad?

I don't know, try to not buy anymore figure. XD And i'm never donna borrow from my dad, i have my own money. c:
Bea- (22日前) #2760265Love live? Yes~ i like it very much :D Since s1 and s2. their song are great!
Hold some ur pending figures? I mean you're at low budget too ?? D:

I have only heard one of the songs, can't wait so see some more later! :3
Yeah i'm at low budget, and there is three scales i want to get this month too.. :/
023日前 (23日前)RychiRychi
Bea- (25日前) #2755351yup you should watch it! x3 and sora no otoshimono too ~
are you going hold them for awhile when u dont have enough money? (balance)

I'm currently watching Love live now, did you like the series? I wanted to watch it because i wanted to undertand why all people love the series. I will watch Game no life soon if i want to. xD And i have watched Sora no Otoshimono, my favorite anime then i was younger. ^ ^
Hold what for awhile? :D
028日前 (28日前)RychiRychi
Bea- (29日前) #2733108yes its really good~ shiro is cute :3 i always buy figure, my fave char or anime i know :>
hmmm well... hahaha im at low budget now D:

So do you recommend that i should watch the Anime? c:
I pre-ordered these since yesterday and today:
item #260678
item #236224
item #198373
And this figure is shipped: item #221018
I can't wait for them!
And i ordered two books too, and this: item #164682
I'm on a pretty low budget too after ordering Dead master and Gold saw too. XD
Bea- (1ヶ月前) #2731520huhuuu now i ordered Shiro, Illya :x so much expensive. how can i save this looool

Oh, that Shiro figure is cute ^ ^ I haven't seen the anime yet, have you? If you have, is it good? :3
Go! go! go! ordering!! XD If you have money to spend and really love to collect of course you buy figures!! :D:D





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