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Happy Birthday!! :3
Happy Birthday! ^__^
Bea- (1年前) #2947763he said he will :o oh welp, cuz he loves me lol
hmm, you dont have time? busy? D:

Oh, okey. :0 ~
I'm pretty busy at home and i have school too. But then i have time i just don't feel to watch series :/
I'm gonna re-watch Fairy tail soon/today~ And i'm watching One piece everyweek. c:
I pre-ordered this not long ago, she's soooo cute! item #236336
And this too: item #236204 One of the first Miku i liked.. xD
Bea- (1年前) #2945747yeah XD my friend is helping me. ( sugar dad ? lol ) hmmm.. you should watch! its really great anime c: and the game is hard

Did your friend help you get all the figures in your wishlist? :0
I will probably watch the anime then i have time. xD ^ ^
Bea- (1年前) #2945097Hellooo ~

Heeeelloo! :'D I saw your order list, wow many figures xD I like your profile picture too, i really like kantai collection too. c: But i haven't seen the anime or played the game.





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