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04ヶ月前 (4ヶ月前)SmeySmey
BloodyEarth (4ヶ月前) #18379582OMG I just realized how stupid this sounds:
"Dunno if I should PO when Miki comes out or wait for pre-order."
I meant to say I am still pondering whether I should get her after market or PO her when PO comes out but everything depends on how she looks after painted.
Yeah, I don't need to worry about GSC and Max Factory ones (and that's three Megumi figures). Aniplex one should be okay as well. I am most worried about Souyokusha (WING). They have their ups and downs apparently. My fingers are crossed that they do justice on her.

Aah, I see! Sorry if I misunderstand you.
I see that WING company's quality is unpredictable, like Phat Company I think? I was reading some comments of some of their figures, and there're people complaining and others very satisfied ww
Can't say much too, I don't have figures from that company.
BloodyEarth (4ヶ月前) #18371042Only two, it's okay.
I got like 6 Megumi (Prize figure included) figures...if they all turn out well, I am dead. I mean seriously, that's just how much I lover Megumi Orz...
Dunno if I should PO when Miki comes out or wait for pre-order. Nevertheless her prototypes looks really good. If they managed to pull this one out, that might just be one of the best Miki figures. I mean, the pose is just so good, not to mention with the scythe.

I just saw the new Megumi figures, and most of them are Aniplex/GSC... Oh wow, it'll be very expensive for you! I hope you can get them all ;n;

I think you should wait for that Miki after release, lately 765im@s isn't very popular and everyday I see a lot of their figures in the pre owned section.
That Miki's pose looks amazing, and pretty sure it'll be better seeing her painted.
I hope they won't mess her up.
BloodyEarth (4ヶ月前) #18361653Best WF in recent year. So many Megumi. My wallet-kun is gonna die.
And there is one company making Miki. Holy shit. Prototypes looks so GOOD. But it's a new company, I am kind of afraid how that might turn out.

It was a nice Wonder Festival, unlike the past one ww
Wow, I'm the same orz. ALTER is going to kill me, I totally need to get that Futaba Anzu 1/7 scale ;__;
Also I saw Alphamax's Kurisu and I loved her. My wallet = rip.

Oh yes, I saw her too! It's the Miki from the Movie, I like her design ;A;
They also made a Million Live idol and of course FATE figures too ww
We need to wait for them after release I think.
BloodyEarth (6ヶ月前) #17003779That price is INSANE.
I am not gonna buy her even though it's Miki...I still don't like all the joints XD
And let's see if GSC will EVER release other girls, judging from how long they took to make Miki LOL.

I understand ww
I don't like Figmas that much too, I prefer nendoroids in that case.
I'm pretty sure GSC won't continue the im@s line, they prefer to sell LoveLive things :/
BloodyEarth (6ヶ月前) #16985298Miki's figma took GSC years to make. I was gonna give it up mainly because of how long they took and not being a fan of Figma Series...
BUT! I must admit that they did a really good job on sculpting...And she even comes with GSC Online Shop bonus.

Omg, I can't believe GSC released her! www
She looks so nice, I love her faces! ;A; The only thing that I don't like (aside the price ww) is the Million Live colour version... but that applies to all the im@s figmas.
Maybe I'll get her after release, I can't pay 5000 yen for a figma xDU




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