CrimsonPumpkinCrimsonPumpkin Chibi & miniature enthusiast!

Hi! I'm Crimson Pumpkin and I got into figure collecting after purchasing the nendoroid Komari Kamikita out of pure curiosity back in 2014.

Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura were a huge influence for me as I've drawn since I have memory and thanks to these I finally found the artstyle I liked. Thanks to many things I found my passion and went to Uni where I studied Graphic Design and that's how I nowadays work as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator (with wide experience in children's books).

I love to draw cute girls and "chibis" and I've been in love with miniatures since I was a little girl so that's why while I was browsing a website, I couldn't stand the need of getting a nendoroid in my hands.
When I finally got it I knew it, I knew they were for me as they are completely adorable and charming! That's how I became a nendo lover and collector and I'm always looking forward to the next chibi! ♥♥♥

I recently got into Figmas and SH Figuarts as you can pose them as you want easily and their size is fantastic for playing and displaying. As my collection got bigger some time ago, I got into making dioramas for my lovely nendoroids so they can play and interact with each other ^^

Fighting evil by moonlight, collecting figures by daylight...
★★ Where to find and support my art ★★
Lovely drawing by sarunamirabu (Art Trade)

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CrimsonPumpkin (5日前) #18346359Hola Darklin!
Que bueno conocer a otro Colombiano!!
Te cuento que las miniaturas las compro en AmiAmi mismo lugar donde a veces compro mis figuras. Si necesitas ayuda me comentas o si necesitas que te explique algo no dudes en contactarme!
Cuídate mucho y mucha suerte con tu collección!! ^^
Un abrazo!!

Hola crimson! muchas gracias, tambien me alegro conocer a alguien de colombia! te pregunto cuanto sueles pagar de envio en amiami? la verdad nunca me he atrevido a pedir algo en esa tienda la verdad no tengo ninguna razon en especial quiza solo sea por que no llevo mucho comprando yo misma mis figuras xd.
CrimsonPumpkin (26日前) #17843111Hello dear!
Thank you for always keeping us updated with SM news and merchandise and I'm just here to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy that cake ;D

Thank you so so much <3
12ヶ月前 (2ヶ月前)purinbunpurinbun

Merry Christmas dear~ enjoy the day with your chibi and big family ww lots of chocolate and hugs~ ///w///
CrimsonPumpkin (2ヶ月前) #17022906Seriously, Why aren't we friends yet? XD
As always I ADOREEEEEEE YOUR OIKAWA PICS!!! they cheer me up so much <3
In some way Purinbun pushed me as well into HQ! hell XD
TAke care!!

Oh my god so we're both victims of Bunbun..!! Hmm hmm!! Don't worry, I had revenge by dragging her into Nendo hell >:D
Thank you so much ; w ; Your comments make me soooo happy all the time <3 Oikawa is so precious daww!
CrimsonPumpkin (2ヶ月前) #16703981XD Thanks a bunch for such awesome comment! Yeah it's a shame that I'm on the other side of the world lol would like to work for GSC in the planning team or something!
Thanks again!
Let's pray that GSC make some fixes to Snow Miku X(

Yeah totally! hope you make it to Japan one day then! :D (and that GSC will respond to the backlash going on here and amps up the design as well haha)




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