DribzDribz Just take my soul as payment.


I'm an avid collector of figures from things I like, things I probably shouldn't like, and things that just look pretty.

Currently obsessed with Love Live (specifically μ's), Yuri on Ice, and Zelda.

This hobby will probably be the death of me.

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Dribz (23日前) #23947218Thanks! I see you also like best birb Kotori. <3 LL has consumed my life in the past few months and there is no escape from it. XD
Birb is the one true princess. ;)

And the only way out of love live hell is through the grave.
thanks for accepting my friend request, it's nice to meet you!
I think you're the first person I've met who knows DMMD though the anime and not the game! The anime really was very lackluster compared to the actual games, so you're in for a very nice surprise when you play them. :) Assuming you don't mind dark settings and hard yaoi, of course.

I actually haven't seen Love Live for the same reason, lol! Every time I see a Nico or Nozomi figure I get the urge to watch the anime so I can justify spending money on their merch...
I originally came here to compliment your Sonicos, but then I saw that AOBA!

Nice collection!
>normie blondes







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