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Hi, Eccmy here. :)

Fan of Konami's franchises, particulary those from the 90s to early 2000s. Also a lover of the 90s and of video games and visual novels in general, I'm doing my best contributing to MFC's database in all those domains.

Hope you'll enjoy my user page, and if you wish to chat with me, please do not hesitate commenting on my page or PMing me, I won't bite you! :p


My current avatar:
Turner encyclopedia #63092, the tsundere fairy from the RPG Blue Breaker encyclopedia #23316.

(I'm normally not a fan of the tsundere archetype, but she still managed to become one of my fave characters in that game due to the numerous great and/or funny interactions she has with the game's main protagonist, Kain. :p)


List of MFC clubs I'm managing:

* club #1173 => Telephone Card collectors! (Founder and Admin)
* club #1343 => The Konami Club (Founder and Admin)
* club #1482 => Ponytail Love ❤ (Founder and Admin)
* club #417 ==> Bunny Farm (Main Admin)
* club #16 ===> Maid in Heaven (Admin)
* club #613 ==> Blond and Beautiful (Admin)
* club #829 ==> Beautiful❀Flowers (Admin)
* club #1434 => Drilled hair club (Admin)
* club #1506 => Delicious❥Redheads (Admin)

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I've noticed that there's a lot of Tokimeki stuff on Mandarake's Urban Mine auctions right now, you might want to check it out:
[ext link ]

Some quick examples:
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
011ヶ月前MemyandiMemyandi |ω・)
I have no more related things to say but still wanted to reply to you so I thought I'd come here :D
Thank you for clearing things up \o/
Believe me, I have the most respect towards everyone who helps managing the database; that's is actually part of why I felt it may actually be too much, hahaha. But I do appreciate it no less!

Yeah, I'm not saying I would add or edit dozens of items if I could, maybe I really wouldn't have time like you said after all because I know it takes a lot, and I'm certain I would have to gather experience first to be really helpful, but sometimes it does suck that I can't help with small things. I think most users don't even know it's possible to be banned from adding/editing only, haha! xD

EccmyView spoilerHide spoilerDon't worry, I didn't take it as a personal attack. I just thought you were speaking under a lack of knowledge and thus wanted to share you the point of view of a DB adder (or at least, mine), that's all.

I didn't know about the ban, my bad (I didn't think you were lazy, just that you didn't have the time to add. Lately I'm facing this problem, RL has been very lively so I barely have the time to update my clubs and post one or two comments from time to time. I'd love to make new entries again T_T).

Everything's said on my side, so I won't prolong further too, don't worry :p
011ヶ月前 (11ヶ月前)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
[ext link ]

[ext link ]

[ext link ]

Konami jigsaws

Edit: tokimeki as well apparantly :P
011ヶ月前Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Hi! Not sure if you got all of them but on manda i saw tokimeki memorial jigsaws

[ext link ]

[ext link ]
Eccmy (1年前) #13013419Thank you very much for the link and for your effort of putting up that much data! :)
For what I've seen, actually a good chunk of those cards already are fully covered in the database. I do spot ten or so cards in the lot not yet added though, I'll work on those during next week. If you have pictures for other cards still not in the database, please do not hesitate sharing them with me! -_^

Cool! Glad I could help. It's been almost a month since we last talked. How has your summer been? Have you been able to upload any of the cards?




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