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thanks for stopping by <3
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FandomTrash (8日前) #22264967thanks for the friend request! sorry i wasn't selling the figure!
welcome to mfc!! :)

Thanks! :)
No worries on the figure!
Super great to deal with. :) I am looking forward to buy something from her again. ^_^
08ヶ月前KotokoKotoko (ง•̀ᴗ•́)ง
FandomTrash (8ヶ月前) #15283929hey...
it's been a while, is there any news about the oikawa nendoroid?
happy belated birthday! :)
thanks. please pm me.

PMing you now! And thank you!
01年前 (1年前)kuroorinkuroorin
FandomTrash (1年前) #10664414I ended up just purchasing the items from another website I was more familiar with!
Sorry I couldn't be of more help, and I hope you find an answer elsewhere. :)

Thanks for your reply! Decided it wasn't worth it (then) because it was only 1 chibi char. Plus it sold out. xD
And in case you might want a reference, I found a set of 3 chibis (150g) and a doujin (103g) from Mandarake Nakano and was charged 860yen for SAL Registered. :)
Hi! I saw your post on the Mandarake thead re: shipping cost for a couple small items. Just wondering if you got an answer? I'm also looking into getting just a few small items and had a phobia of them overpacking and getting hit with a crazy shipping cost. >.>




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