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Gabriel (1ヶ月前) #23626334Looks like Dark Angel Olivia arrived. What do you think?
She is certainly very visually impressive. She is an excellent addition to my top shelf figures and she looks great beside item #198394 and item #98665. I'm glad Koto screwed her to her base in this release too and the attention they paid to all the little details is amazing. The only downside is that her wingspan and Homura's take up a lot of space.
Thank you!
Definately! Thank I appreciate the tips a lot!
It's definately admirable that you've been collecting for a while I cannot wait until the day I reach your level of collectorhood!
Gabriel (4ヶ月前) #19541178Thanks for accepting the FR.
While we don't have any figures in common, I looked at your collection and it seemed we had some overlap in terms of tastes if not specific figures.
Plus, I checked out your photos and it looks like we have a similar desk. :D

We will have one in common soon! I pre-ordered the re-re-release of item #166816 after talking with you in comments on one of your articles a few months ago. I'll be putting her on top of my desk hutch with Madokami/Homucifer and other figures with similar majesty. It wouldn't surprise me if we had a similar desk too, when searching for an extra hutch for the island section of the desk I came across multiple of essentially the same desk from different companies.
DearDemons (4ヶ月前) #19521204I actually admire you quite a bit I've seen a few of your comments in some of the blogs and the fact that you've been collecting for many years is really great! If you can enlighten me in any way I'd appreciate it ! I just started seriously collecting a year ago, but the community makes it so nice and I love learning from collectors ! :D

Aw, shucks! You're making me embarrassed.

I don't really have any great wisdom for other collectors. The only things I'd say is:

Get the figures that interest you. You can't go too wrong with that. At the end of the day it's you looking at your collection and being happy with it.

Bills come first. When you order a figure, put aside the money for it. Make a budget and stick to it.

As far as I've found, that's really all there is to it. :D




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