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Based in Thailand and in this hobby since 2006. I'm not a hardcore collector myself, but I really love to see creative pictures from other users. Favorite series include Mai-series, Nanoha, K-ON!, Fate-series, Love Live and many more. Happy to be part of a large community of people who share the same interest ^^

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347?!?!?! Damn
Heya, wondered if you are still selling the red riding hood miku?
Hey there, I received the package you sent me of the nendoroid petites of the love live girls! Thank you so much! They came in perfect condition!
Kino (9ヶ月前) #4722737Hello, thanks for the FR. We have similar taste :) Nice collection!
Thanks for accepted my FR~ nice to meet you. You also have a very nice collection ^-^
ps I'm Thai as well :3
11年前 (1年前)dark-freefiredark-freefire
Nice Figures :D especially the Deadly Sins ^^




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