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Note: I am hesitant to accept random friend requests since “being friends” implies a certain degree of familiarity. I am, however, very open to friendly conversation, so feel free to leave a comment or send me a message.

Greetings, traveler, and welcome to my library.

I’m a collector from Germany, focusing on, for the most part, Touhou Project.
For quite some time, I’ve been primarily adding Doujinshi to the database, though I mainly limit my additions to things I actually own since I do like to verify information I use.

Most of the data I have is data I already collected once since I'm also doing the same for the Doujinshi and Manga Lexicon, which also has the additional benefit of allowing me to check my information twice.

Though I mostly have figures, random merchandise and, of course, Doujinshi listed here, I’m also a very active collector of Doujin music CDs, games and other media, though this is, again, limited to Touhou Project for the most part, which is why I hope that, maybe, the rules will allow for these to be added in the future.

As I said, while I have expanded quite a lot in the past few months, the core of my collection is Touhou Project, which is still the case and will continue to do so since I still play the games regularly and have already spent most of the money I have owned so far on related goods, my prized possession being my completed collection of official Touhou Project merchandise.


Anyway, since this is basically also supposed to be a biography, I'll also include that (though in spoilers as this is a bit longer).

If you're interested, feel free to read on, otherwise, I hope we'll get to enjoy a few (mostly) friendly exchanges!

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Everything began in a winter night towards the end of December 2009. Back then, we still had actual winter here, and I spent my evenings playing Oblivion when there was nothing going on in FFXI (so it was rare for me to play Oblivion).

For some reason, I checked my Youtube favourites and found a remix of a Touhou Project BGM linked. One thing led to another and, a few months later, I bought all the games and started playing them somewhat religiously, making my way up to clearing Lunatic in all games as the years passed.

Along the road, I, of course, also greatly enjoyed the music. However, in November 2009, I lost almost all data on the partition my music was on in a bizarre accident involving a failed installation of a certain Poker-game that I do not wish to name.

Nonetheless, the timing couldn't have been better, for I had been saving money and thus, I looked into ways to purchase the CD's, mainly because there was nothing else I could spend it on.

As a result, I bought everything of interest Paletweb had to offer, moving on to WhiteCanvas a little more than half a year later because they offered items Paletweb did not and provided me with terribly friendly service, which I had not experienced from stores up until that point.

When I began collecting CD's, I also ceased downloading music and the only thing I kept downloading were Doujinshi because "I could not purchase them here, so it's okay", as I told myself.

However, my stance on that radically changed after yet another bizarre incident which involved a trip to my grandma, drugs and a Japanese 60GB PS3 (CECHA00) which I foolishly left to its own devices in my absence (this might sound a little more exciting than it actually was; please note that it was simply stolen in order to acquire drugs).

Long story short, I returned and, next to boundless rage, I also felt something else - complete and utter powerlessness.

A few days after that, I paid a little more attention to the friendly reminders in Doujinshi, telling the reader that uploads are prohibited - and started wondering if the artists also felt powerless, seeing how their works end up on all sites anyway.

Due to that, I no longer download anything, no matter how much I want to read it or listen to it. However, I also understand that reasons for illegal downloads go beyond simply wanting free stuff, but still, I cannot help but feel that this is just blatant disrespect towards the content creator. While I try not to bear particularly ill feelings towards those who engage in piracy, this is something that will not change, which is also why I’m more than happy to simply not talk about the topic.

Nonetheless, my abstinence didn't change the fact that I was a huge fan of Doujinshi, especially of the kind suited for adults. However, in many countries, import of pornographic media is very problematic, Germany being no exception, and I knew how thorough the local customs office was.

However, after moving to another town in October 2010, when I started going to university, I took a gamble with the customs office there and started ordering huge amounts of Doujinshi. I was somewhat nervous about the whole matter, but I succeeded - which also had a lot to do with the sellers being prudent about the packaging.

So there I was, collecting both CD's and Doujinshi. I was young, ambitious (at least as far as my collection was concerned) and, in an unexpected turn of events, I was lacking funds, even though I only focused on Touhou Project Doujinshi to restrain myself from feeling tempted to purchase too much.

However, those were the times that taught me how to use money efficiently - how I could save money, how I could get through months without ever having to touch my salary for trivial things such as food and, most importantly, how I could acquire more money. Granted, a lot of that was simply me working part-time as translator, but I managed to expand my collection on a monthly basis.

Now we're finally getting to figures!

Truth be told, I always thought figures were awesome, but considered them to be a waste of money because I didn't value aesthetics as much before that fateful day in 2011.

On that one day, when I caught wind of Griffon Enterprises being about to release a figure of Byakuren Hijiri, my favourite character, I could no longer resist and, at last, started collecting figures. "I'll only buy this one" turned into "But she'll be lonely without her friends" to "Having figures of only one group is somewhat boring".

Nowadays, I maintain a steadily growing collection of PVC-figures, with, as usual, a strong focus on Touhou Project. I make it a goal not to have more than one figure of each character, unless they can change shape or something to that extent. I would love to have one figure of each character in the series, but it seems that Touhou Project has become slightly less popular among figure producers, which is somewhat detrimental to my ambitions, I suppose.

However, towards the end of the year 2014, this growing lack of interest as well as my refusal to buy from stores that do not sell items internationally finally allowed me to expand. I lifted my restrictions on figures and Doujinshi, which I only bought if they were related to Touhou Project, and started including items related to Kantai Collection.

From this point forward, I intend to keep doing the same - my collection has become a bit of a life purpose for me, as I started greatly enjoying archiving new acquisitions as part of various projects on other websites.

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Lepetit89 (1ヶ月前) #23819896
I thought I'd have more time, but recently, all of the time I have gained went towards work, so I'm still at square 0 as far as any personal ambitions are concerned; wish all the time I spend working would be rewarded somehow, but alas, my boss and I have very different ideas of adequate pay raises.
Overall, however, I'm enjoying the current situation, just adding things as I buy them.

Hmm i see. It's not really a good thing but i've learned to not expecting anything from the others people, work included. I use my free time between hobbies and personnal project, working is just the necessary part to live.
I'm used to do the same actually, adding what i ordered on Surugaya or putting some C92 doujinshi if the circle already exist.
Nice collection! :)
Lepetit89 (1ヶ月前) #23548085What have you been up to lately, comrade? Anything interesting going on?
The same things as usual : some editing and addition and still continue my hunting of some grails. I also started to put some C92 into the database and lurking on circle.ms for my future battle plan. And from your side ? Did you enjoy to have much more free time ? :)
Oh man, you even have GuP is Good! Nice! I wish I could afford 110$ doujinshi... Maybe one day :)
7777 doujins! Nice!
This it what I found when I asked Google about this number's meaning: "The number 7777 is one of the most powerful spiritual numbers. Seeing this number sequence signifies that great progress is being made by your self for the new beginning you have always desired."
How fitting :)





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