LorealeiLorealei 超時空シンデレラ ☾ *:・゚✧


Hello! ♡ I'm an art student that enjoys collecting cute things!
I collect magical girl toys, seashells, straps/charms, and pins/buttons.
In my spare time, I enjoy drawing and crafting ☆

I don't typically watch a whole lot of anime anymore, but I do read manga from time-to-time (人´∀`*)♡


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Lorealei (15日前) #22061484I love your collection!!! You seem so cute ;U;

awww!! >____<

isn't ranka lee just the best??
04ヶ月前Mia-chanMia-chan ねんどろいどが大好き!
Happy Birthday Lorealei! :)
Lorealei (6ヶ月前) #17030107Hi! I follow you on tumblr and just wanted to say thank you for putting up a lot of the Layton merchandise! I didn't know that a lot of this even existed!
Oh I thought I recognized your name! And no problem, it was mostly for making it easier to keep track of my collection, but I'm happy it have helped people so much. ; A ; <3
<3 <3 <3


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