MeVMeV Bargain hunter... Yeah..


I get addicted with figures not so far away in my past, but get many of them recently.
I got 3 of my TOP wishlist figures in 48 hours after hunting for them 2 years (Saber Gift, Rin - Kaleido Ruby, and Marisa Kirisame at shining star).
I have opened shop with figures in Poland to help other collectors from Poland get their figures.
But sometimes I think they don't really need me ^_^" Their colletions growing what makes me happy, but my shop is dying slowly. That is sad T_T"
I got great friend recently. I hope that He will become my real lifetime friend, that is what I really want now.
Not including all Black Rock Shooters releases, and many other figures ;)
I don't like to describe myself.
I can only write about my everyday life.

As a Collector I am impulse type. I buy what I like, or what I can hunt cheap even if I didn't plan it. You could also tag me as petit nendro hunter, game prize hunter, get the all from series type of men.

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Wszystkiego najlepszego w nowym roku~
05年前IshyIshy Part time Puella Magi
Wesołych świąt MeV. C:
Wesołych Świąt MeV:) Oby kolekcja Ci się rozrastała i interes kręcił w Nowym Roku:)
05年前 (5年前)BelzebubBelzebub
MeVDo zrobienia ale ceny są wcale niezachęcające.
Bo o ile pamiętam to Edzio to wydatek rzędu 4000y (czyli jak za full size nendro na chwile obecna)
a tej z HinoHany jeszcze nie widzialem ;]

Dziękuję, ale to pytanie już nieaktualne.
Sama już zamówiłam Menmę.
Witaj, Mev.
Mam pytanie odnoście tych dwóch petit nendo; item #78408
item #74852
Byłbyś w ogóle stanie je ściągnąć i za ile jeśli tak?




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