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Welcome to my profile!

I like Fate, Oreimo, Erased, Mirai Nikki, No Game No Life, VOCALOID, Initial D a little bit, etc.
Stuff I have watched/that I'm watching is linked here

I own a lot of stuff, so I probably won't post it all here, considering a lot of my doujinshi isn't on here. You can add me/ask for pics/message me though!

I'd like to meet new friends! I've been collecting for about 6 years now, and I'm slowly getting my wonderful boyfriend into anime as well :P

Current Holy Grail:
Saber Nero Figma

best thing ever man

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MillyParis (23日前) #23902399Thank you!!! no problem at all!! :D I am hyped as heck for him! I have a cosplay of him :P
Your collection is awesome too!

Yeah ! Astolfo is best grill XD i would like to see your cosplay haha :P
thanks for the FR and thanks for the link of Astolfo's pre order :) you have a nice collection btw
MillyParis (26日前) #23750842Thank you for adding me! my inbox is open any time if you wanna talk :)

No problem! I see you are a Fate and ERASED fan as well ^^
Welcome to the board MillyParis! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^


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