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Hey, welcome to my profile!

I first came into contact with anime when I was around 5-6 year old. At that time I found VHS recording of Hong Kong TVB television and watched anime for the very first time. My first anime was Baoh the Visitor and it means a lot to me.
It was kind of bloody and violent which is why I became interested in anime.

When I was young I had no access to local television. This meant no pokemon, no digimon, no news lol. Only when I was 14 year old, i got access to the internet (seriously best invention ever). Since then anime became an important part of my life. It teached me many things and helped me get through life. At that time I mostly watched famous stuff like Naruto, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist etc. Since 2008 I started picking stuff to watch every season.

I have wished to have anime figures for a long time now and only started collecting in 2015. All my savings went into funding my study in Tokyo for 1 year and was also my first to be in Japan. I guess I kinda went on a shopping spree in Japan but nontheless I had an amazing experience I would never forget.
Now that I'm back from Japan, I have to start saving again and I might want to live in Japan permanently depending on the economic situation and various factors.

Sorry for the long story, feel free to talk with me~!

I also like Touhou a lot

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Necrodiver (1ヶ月前) #23207067Happy birthday ! :DDank u wel :)
I wish you'd get in touch with me. Iwz is shutting down.
Look at my profile. There's something cool on there.
item #549717
What do you think of this kurumi figure? I'm debating the buy. Purple heart and jibril are making my wallet suffer lol
glad to know you :)Necrodiver (5ヶ月前) #19180510Thanks for friend request!! :0




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