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01ヶ月前 (1ヶ月前)R_KasaharaR_Kasahara Let's rock, baby.
OhnoRaptors (1ヶ月前) #2557811Awww thank you! <3 I hope your christmas was lovely.
You're welcome *hugs* bitprophet loved this game (I haven't played it yet >_>;;;) so we're hoping you do too!

Our Christmas was good. Hope you had a lovely day yourself ^^
(ext link)

魔法少女 凛 (まほうしょうじょ りん)

she is called rin there?
^^ oh i dont see thank you. for info my friend cry because of truth, that this ruby and not rin :X
02ヶ月前TokitokiiTokitokii Happiness Therapy
OhnoRaptors (2ヶ月前) #2464200I didn't close the thread and don't know what happened, but I'll ask about it.

Sorry, the story short a use LeahJagear confirmed a slot and then dropped it, when we said it wasn't possible you can go and read her behavior, i got my comment alerted by her titled "unnecessary comment" the result was my comment erased and the thread closed, it would be nice to talk with mods that care of this instead of simply erasing closing and moving on when we weren't at fault, i'm gonna wait for your answer, thank you for the answer!
02ヶ月前TokitokiiTokitokii Happiness Therapy
Hi, can you reopen this thread please (mfc link)
It's important to the host to keep update and better to have the thread open so we can keep contact :)