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I just like collecting stuff (and Nero).

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Just wanted to stop by and say that I love, admire, and envy your Elfen Lied collection!
Thanks for leaving feedback! Great BRS collection! BGS is my fav!
Pyrolover90 (1年前) #3521452It says your inbox is full, so I can't send you a PM about one of my purchases.

Hi! Sorry about that. I just cleaned out my inbox so you should be able to send the PM now
02年前 (2年前)Dissaor_Dissaor_
Pyrolover90 (2年前) #3337944Thank you! EXTRA Saber is my favorite Saber of all time.

You are right, your Highness is the best of the best.
Thank you for accept my FR!, you have a great Saber EXTRA collection.




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