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Awesome! Thank you for selling the figures to me
Thank you very much for the kind feedback. I'm glad you got your BQ's in good condition. It's been awesome dealing with you :D
04年前KalissiahKalissiah Collecting since March ...
Woah, those things are expensive. Makes me kinda glad I don't have a car yet, haha ;p. No one else is interested, so I don't think she'll sell quickly :).

RogueWolf (4年前) #1167231Hi, yes, I'm still interested, but I just had to put about $900 in parts for my car, not sure when I'll be able to afford her. :(
04年前KalissiahKalissiah Collecting since March ...

Was wondering if you are still interested in sale #22075 :)
05年前Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku

I saw your shoujo M for sale and I saw you only sell it to US and canada only but ive been looking for her forever and never had any problems when it comes to US shipping so wondered if youd like to sell her <3 if the shipping isnt too high and youre willing to




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