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i like to spend my money on plastic butts and fabric

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01年前 (1年前)TokyocopXTokyocopX
Ryuukino (1年前) #7605118Well, I guess Ryuko if that's fine with you. Uh... I was planning too for her but unfortunately I just got a Satsuki to go with her ^^; uh...
01年前 (1年前)TokyocopXTokyocopX
Ryuukino (1年前) #7605081Would you be willing to trade for your Teddie nendoroid. I live in OC around the Costa Mesa/ Irvine area. Then you would be really close lol, like local close and is there anything else your interested in for Kuma/Teddie I would want to get all of my P4 figures with him to be honest it's just me ^^"
01年前 (1年前)TokyocopXTokyocopX
Ryuukino (1年前) #7604979No I don't. Ehh, I'm a little hesitant to just because I've never done trades and I'm trying to get rid of female nendoroids.
It's okay if your are I actually want hthe opposite I actually want more male ones XD !

And I've done trades before and it's not usual to be hesatent cause of scams etc. It's even harder to get a trade going tbh ^^; but that's what some peoplease do when they want something but don't have money like myself
Ryuukino (1年前) #7579421Hi! It depends. Do you live in California? And what would you trade her for? Yep in Cali here and some nendos do you have Kaito if so I would want him more than Miku or both thx too!
01年前 (1年前)TokyocopXTokyocopX
Would you trade for Senbonzakura Miku nendo? thanks. In the US




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