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Sarukah (12日前) #22195826Hi! I was just wondering where you found/how you got item #588552
I need it in my life and I'm not sure where to look for it. Thanks ^^

Bought it directly from Kotobukiya shop but it's no longer available there. [ext link ]
Maybe you should try yahoo auctions?
Sarukah (2ヶ月前) #20004352Hi! I just wanted to ask a question about the ufotable cafe in Tokyo. Do they allow people to walk in just to buy the merchandise they sell? I have a friend who is going to visit Tokyo and asked if he would pick up a couple things for me that they only sell there. Thank you!
Nah, you have to buy food/drink in order to become eligible to purchase the merchandise at the ufotable Cafe. Your friend could certainly eat at the cafe and then buy something for you. Other cafes have different rules, but that is the rule for ufotable.
Sarukah (2ヶ月前) #19542533MUH BOI!
O HAI! I finally decided to make an account, lulz. xD
It's a screenshot from the very first Zestiria anime announcement trailer x3
[ext link ]
(I just love this Mibo so much that's why I kept him ever since XD)

Sarukah (9ヶ月前) #14518446Hi! I was super curious as to where exactly your avatar is from! Is it from a scan or is it a screenshot of a scene I can't remember? Thanks ^^
01年前 (1年前)TakeTake Virile Insatiable Beast
Sarukah (1年前) #11444498Hi! I saw you looked over my item entries (the three Tales of badges). I've never added anything into the database before so I just was curious if I did everything else right aside from the cropping that was changed? I'd like to be able to competently add things that I see get left out ^^

Hi there :D
Thank you for adding Tales items to the database, as well as for caring so much about doing it right :) Your entries were actually top-notched! Your cropping wasn't anything wrong in itself either, it's just that the 11 other badges from the same set (that were already on the database) had a different cropping. When it comes to cropping items, aesthetics is often the main concern, so I just re-cropped yours so that all the badges from the set had a similar cropping encyclopedia #105997. It wasn't really anything major lol. I don't know what was up with this set btw, and why only some of the badges were added and not the full set. I can see the Milla one is still missing, for some reason.
If you haven't already, you can join the Tales of Fan Club club #121, where you can find guidelines for adding Tales items as well. For instance, I have recently added a tutorial on how to add Tales of Festival items (you can find that tuto just above the big Sorey banner on the club main page). Of course, the club can also be used for any kind of discussion about Tales of games :)
Anyway, thank you again, and if you have any question, feel free to ask me, it will be my pleasure to help you if needed ;-)




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