ShaerilethShaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」ーthey beg me to write them so they'll never die when I'm dead.

I'm in the process of moving.
Responses may be delayed because od this, apologies in advance.
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There really isn't much to say about me.
I'm a socially akward nerd who's been collecting anime/comic figures and BJDs since the early 2000s.
I like to make shrines & have no regrets.

Recently my figure collecting has turned mostly to making custom Nendoroids of my OCs...

I love customising them, or as the BF calls it, nendo murdering. Ku ku ku~

I will ramble endlessly about things I love...
Though I apologise in advance if I just stop replying/being slow to reply-sometimes I forget how to human.
My spirit animal is a bunny boy named Deiridh - he's cute, and fluffy, and wields a big arse magical scythe.
Need I say more?
I am an active admin for the Let's Split Nendoroids! Club.
If you have any queries or concerns regarding the club, feel free to PM me, Alumina, or Cerespam.
If you would like to join the club, please kindly read all the rules and then comment on the club's comment page.
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