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Welcome to my Page

About me:

-I'm a huge Type-Moon fan
-Other than this hobby, I'm also a huge fan of American comic books, horror novels & movies, retro video games and animation in general
-Non-anime related series I'm pretty fond of include Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, MlP:FiM and Adventure Time
-I started to collect figures and merchandise in February 2013

My figure history

View spoilerHide spoilerGot my 1st Nendoroid - #112 Love Plus Kobayakawa Rinko (GSC) item #27618
[2013-11-09]Got my 10th Nendoroid - #294 Robotics;Notes Frau Koujiro (GSC) item #117932

[2013-06-12]Got my 1st Scale Figure - Strike Witches 2 Erica Hartmann - 1/8 (Alter) item #78647

[2014-06-06]Got my first "Holy Grail" - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Aegis -ART WORKS- - 1/6 (Alter) item #72269

[2014-01-13]Got 5000 hits.
[2014-02-20]Got 7500 hits.
[2014-03-18]Got 10000 hits.
[2014-04-12]Got 12500 hits.
[2014-05-08]Got 15000 hits.
[2014-05-30]Got 17500 hits.
[2014-07-01]Got 20000 hits.
[2014-08-14]Got 22500 hits.
[2014-09-19]Got 25000 hits.
[2014-10-13]Got 27500 hits.
[2014-11-16]Got 30000 hits.
[2015-??-??]Got 32500 hits.
[2015-??-??]Got 35000 hits.
[2015-??-??]Got 37500 hits.
[2015-??-??]Got 40000 hits.
[2015-??-??]Got 42500 hits.
[2015-08-17]Got 45000 hits.
[2015-??-??]Got 47500 hits.
[2015-??-??]Got 50000 hits.
[2015-??-??]Got 52500 hits.
[2015-??-??]Got 55000 hits.
[2016-02-06]Got 57500 hits.
[2016-??-??]Got 60000 hits.
[2016-??-??]Got 62500 hits.
[2016-05-16]Got 65000 hits.
[2016-??-??]Got 67500 hits.
[2016-??-??]Got 70000 hits.
[2016-??-??]Got 72500 hits.
[2016-??-??]Got 75000 hits.
"There's nothing a witch can't do. " -Sakamoto Mio

My favorite characters:

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