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I love anime & figures a lot! I hope I can meet new people on the internet & off who share the same interests!

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14ヶ月前 (4ヶ月前)ShaerilethShaerileth 「Alchemic Punk」
I was going to post on your blog but you took it down it seems...anyway, since your order on AmiAmi is a preorder, which ever one you choose (EMS or SAL) once the order is ready to be paid you'll have an option to choose shipping preference again, along with the prices of each.
Ignore this info if you already know, just thought I'd mention that~
TakoTalk (6ヶ月前) #1992412That's cool! It's a fun, yet expensive hobby. ;3;
And are you moving with family, or to live on your own?
That makes me happy! What will you be working on? I haven't been quite active with your streams, but I caught a few. The Sprung one was amazing though, omg.
I've been good, just been playing Animal Crossing, and waiting for the Madoka movie to come in around April/May. ;3;

I'll be moving in with Charlie! We're going to be roommates. :D

Yeah it is a pretty expensive hobby, luckily I found some Nendoroid figures for cheap on Mandarake and the used section of AmiAmi. That's where a majority of my figures come from. I'm excited for that US store that's going to be ran by Good Smile! I think it's called Ultra Tokyo Connection, no $20 shipping from Japan will be glorious.

Haha Sprung is such a silly game! Oh and I can't wait, I actually haven't seen the Madoka movies yet. Someone told me that the first two are pretty much recaps with a few new scenes... but I'm looking forward to watching the third one!
TakoTalk (6ヶ月前) #1992378Ooh, didn't think I'd find you here!
Anyways, welcome! How have you been? :D

Oh! Hey haha yeah I've recently got into figures. I've been alright, been preparing for my big move to Utah.

I should be active on Twitch and hopefully YouTube again in the near future. How have you been?
08ヶ月前 (8ヶ月前)tacholatachola
you have a really adorable collection ★
TakoTalk (1年前) #1433126If you don't mind me asking, where do you normally buy your figures in New York?

For figures, the stores I frequent in the city are Image Anime and Forbidden Planet. Both these stores tend to overcharge for their figures, so I usually buy from these when I don't feel like ordering online or find some 'hard to find' stuff.

Most of my collection was bought online from stores like Mandarake, AmiAmi, Good Smile's Online Shop, Hobby Search, Anime Island, Robert's Anime Corner, Animewild, or ABCTOY4ME.




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