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Windom (5ヶ月前) #18402375O.M.F.G you have I am sooooo jealous!!Yes ;D I both do and don't right now lol as my GK painter is still hard at work on it, but I should have her back and done by some time in the beginning of march!

It will be something to have this item #414719 and this item #452373 side by side and both there LED's on!
Thank you for the add! very nice collection. (:
Thanks so much for the feedback on Mikasa. I hope she arrived safe and sound there and hope you enjoy having her at home :)

Feel free to let me know if you'd like any other items from my shop ^^

Windom (6ヶ月前) #18020677Thank you for the sale on Mikasa! She arrived recently but I haven't had the chance to drop you a feedback yet. I think she got delayed in all the h oliday mail so thank you for sending her out as quickly as you did. I would love to buy from you again.
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