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I've been collecting figures for a while now but I still don't have too many things...
I love small figures, deformeds and straps, especially the Chara Mate and Chara Fortune series. But what I buy the most is manga and maybe some day I'll finish uploading the items of my manga collection here, even if it takes some time.


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strap tomoe pencil_board clear_file kadokawa rubber_strap tiger_&_bunny uragiri_wa_boku_no_namae_o_shitteiru hakusensha suoh_tamaki kyou_kara_maou! fujioka_haruhi hatori_bisco kaburagi_t._kotetsu barnaby...katekyou_hitman_reborn! rubber_strap superbia_squalo use trading_rubber_strap_varia_&_cavallone_pack