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My favorite characters are Nozomi+Maki (LL), Mari+Yoshiko (LLS), Meiko+Rin+Luka (Vocaloid), Satori+Yukari+Ran (Touhou), Kirari+Anzu+Ranko (Idolm@ster), Ochako (MHA), and Miki (BGHS)!

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NozoMaki is my jam~<3

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chocoloco (9日前) #22292493Aww yee, that's coming to EN eventually! Angel Mari is a pretty card. ^v^
I already idolized my Job Mari with stickers because I was so excited. X3 It's up to you whether you'd want to do that yourself or not!
Whoa, that's so cool you've been playing that long! My first anniversary will be in August/September 'o'
Aww...I hope ghost Nozomi comes to you soon! It might sound weird, but if you want a physical copy of her, there's a Weiss Schwarz card of her! > [ext link ]

Are you going to scout for Angel Mari? The Riko is super pretty too...but I only just saved up 50 gems again so I won't keep my hopes up.
I don't really need another perfect locker but I probably will, she's just too pretty lol. I'm just using my stickers for coupons otherwise so I can scout in the guaranteed UR boxes when they come around. My coupon luck is just way too horrible haha.
Ohh our anniversaries are around the same time, and you have a lot of good cards for someone that hasn't been playing that long! :o Do you remember what your first event was?
I think it's weirder that I'm so obsessed with virtual cards haha, that looks like a pretty cool site actually! Maybe I will get her, I already have a lot of Sengoku Basara trading cards so I may as well get one of those card folders.
chocoloco (11日前) #22230903Aww...I'm glad you got a bunch of SRs, though! Her SRs are nice~
Oh wow, that's cool that you got the Job Mari SR too! 'v'
And yee, I have a bunch of SSRs in both my accounts. X3
Whoa that's a lot of member space...I have 124-128 spaces in my accounts. How long have you been playing Love Live? 'o'

Yeah, it was really upsetting at the time but I got over it faster than I thought I would haha. Now to save for Angel Mari. :')
Yep, she's so cute! Are you going to idolize her? I'm tempted to idolize her with stickers even though I only really do that for URs now...she's just soo pretty, especially for an SR.
I think I've had this account for almost three years now, my third anniversary will be in October! I actually started playing when I started college, so I'm extremely attached to my account despite how unlucky it is haha. The only Nozomi event I missed was ghost Nozomi and that card will haunt me forever (pun intended).
chocoloco (18日前) #21920117Yee, it's the Tennis SSR and I got it twice on my first scout! The other two scouts didn't have as much as the first one, but it was still a pretty good scout overall!
(First scout: two tennis SSRs and one arabian dancer SR | Second scout: one initial SSR | Third scout: white day SR and one initial SSR)
I also did a 3rd years scout that day and oh my gosh, I was so happy with it! I got the job Mari SR i wanted so badly, along with the time travel Mari SSR!! (Both were idolized with seals) A great scout for a Mari fan like me! ^U^
If you have extra love gems to spare, there's an option to increase member space with them! I think it's 4 more member spaces per gem? I had to use one love gem for that in EN. XD
How did your scouting go? 'v'

Congrats on your scouts! Mine went horribly lol. 520 gems, 11 10+1 scouts including the 3 steps, not a single UR. T~T After saving for so long, all those 1 SR pulls were beyond devastating. But on the bright side, I have most of Nozomi's SRs now and I'll probably idolize Cafe Maid Umi with the stickers I got from all the inital Nozomi SSRs to soften the blow haha. I won't list everything I got from my scouts because it's just a sad long list of SRs, but I'm happy that I was able to idolize my Fairy Tale, Circus, China Dress, and Cooking SRs naturally. And I was happy to get Devil, Fairy, Taisho, Animal v1, and Dancer Nozomi too! You're soo lucky you got White Day Nozomi though, I only have one SR from that whole set and it's one of my favorites! >.<
Ooh I used all of my (15) scouting tickets in an attempt to get the beautiful Job Kanan UR, and I got three Job Chika SRs (she wouldn't stop), Valentines Ruby, and also Job Mari! I hope I can idolize her eventually because as cute as she is unidolized, she's so gorgeous idolized. *.* And nice, I actually think the time travel thing is a really cute spin on the Cyber theme! You have a lot of SSR luck lol.
I've actually lost count of how many gems I've used to increase my member limit haha, I'm up to 176 spaces now and I'll probably increase it again soon. Better deal than it was before at least, and I just hate having limited space. :S
Sorry this is super long. >.<
chocoloco (27日前) #21615871Yee, that would be nice! Especially since what would make my JP teams perfect to me is if i got another smile SSR and a cool UR...and I like all of Nozomi's URs, and one of her SSRs is smile type, so it works! (JP only for that SSR right now, though)
Yeah, a lot of the SRs are nice so i've been keeping mine! I should probably invest in expanding my member space eventually, especially if i was planning on doing so many scoutings this month. >v<
(The scoutings are mostly in JP, but in EN, i'm doing at least two!)
Aww yay! So your Nozomi birthday scouting will start at 8:00pm EST on the 7th and mine will start at 11:00am EST on the same day. There's a time difference between the two servers!
Yay, i'm glad the exams are done! Do you think they went well? 'v'

I like all of Nozomi's URs too! I hear a lot that she got some of the least impressive URs, but I don't see it lol. Maybe it's my Nozomi bias but I really like her initial UR unidolized too. Is it the tennis SSR? I'm blanking on her other SSRs haha.
I didn't even think about what I'm going to do about space after my big Nozomi scouts...I still have a few SRs in my present box (poor Maru's been in there since November) and I haven't finished leveling my promo URs. I was thinking I would collect the SRs in my present box when I'm finished with the promo URs but there are so many promos. >.<
Ooh okay, now I can count down the days and then the hours till Nozomi box. XD Scouting excites me way too much. Only three days now, good luck!! And ahh I hope so, I only got a grade for my easiest class so far because professors are so slow.
chocoloco (1ヶ月前) #21346481In my EN, i have 10 SSRs right now [ext link ] because I haven't given any up (yet) and 5 are pure. X3
I did one scout for Mari but i did not get her...but I did get my first Hanamaru SR on this account (Valentines) along with new years Yoshiko! Since my cool team is nothing but URs, SSRs, and idolized SRs [ext link ], i won't be able to use either of them on my team, but it's nice to have them!
Thanks! And yee, it is soon! Since i'm doing the step-up box in JP, i can do it on the morning of June 7th...are you doing your scouting in JP or EN? Also I wish you great luck on your finals! ^v^

Aw, hopefully all your luck is building towards Nozomi! Oh yeah I don't have any space for unidolized SRs on any of my teams either, but it's still nice to get pretty SRs that you can maybe idolize someday haha. I hoard SRs myself, I keep expanding my member space for them.
I'm scouting on EN! I'm too lazy to make a JP account lol. And thank you! So glad they're behind me now.




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