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chromates83 (2年前) #3096980I'd like to, but I can't, they are all in boxes because I have not enough space to put a showroom XD. But when I have time I'll try to take pics of my collection. I also have to find time to work on a lot of GKs, I have so many, but I worked only on a few :( Hope soon you can share to us^^
chromates83 (2年前) #3096796You did a great job!! :)I already saw this on FB, we are in the same group :) I dont know you xD... I wish you upload all your items and figures :(
02年前 (2年前)cyborgcatcyborgcat
Hey, I know you like GKs ^^
Take a look!^^ (mfc link)
lucky you managed to get the sailor moon and uranus & neptune pointers! my proxy refused all my orders.... which proxy do you use?




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