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I love to photograph my Nendoroid and other figurines, if you like what you see in my pictures catalog, please do subscribe so you'll be notified on each upload.

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017日前 (17日前)MelisandreMelisandre
Thanks for accepting my FR request, I love your photos, your nendos always look so cute!!

I hope you're having an amazing day,
Mel ^^
since 3 weeks we have a new anime shop in the town the most interesting part that people can bring their figures to it. say a price and the shop is selling them for you.
rozelle (1ヶ月前) #19796100:OO Thank you for the FR!! I love your figure photography (especially the nendoroids, so precious)!! ♡ One of my favourite photographers on mfc!! :3

Thank you. :D People like you make me want to create more art.
nendokittychan (1ヶ月前) #19802358Thanks for the FR~ ^__^ I love your photography!

Thank you. :D I on the other hand like your videos.
Thanks for the FR~ ^__^ I love your photography!




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