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Hello stranger, welcome here and thanks for your interest!

I've been an anime fan since 2001 and started collecting figures around 2008 when I got my first student jobs.

As much as possible I like to get at least one representative figure from most of the shows or books I liked. As a result I tend to avoid getting too many figures of a single character, I usually only select figures that have the best quality and are the most faithful to the original illustration or design. This way I can save some budget for more franchises... but on the other hand I'm also a maniac and I like to complete a set when I start it so boom, goes the money... ^^;

I'm also a very active DIYer. I love to repair, craft and improve stuff!
I do painting, sculpting, carving, gluing, sewing, molding, resin casting and many more things.
I regularly share my techniques here on MFC and try as best as I can to provide help and advice to users who need to build or fix things. Feel free to contact me if you think I can be of help. You can also check out my blog articles and others from the DIY Club if you'd like some inspiration to get crafty.
Also this guy! ^
I just NEED his gear!

(well I already have it all but not in such a cool, handy box!) ^^

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Thank you for your comment to my room, I am always very pleased it.
The tendrils on the cupboards grow like weeds and hardly need care.
The big bamboo is by the way artificial and was here to get: [ext link ]
An artificial keeps itself better in the apartment, after I have already ruined 2 attempts.

regards Quicky
/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
Hello! I want to ask you, where you bought the Little Witch Academia bluray?
Thank you very much for your help. Pretty obvious about my taste on TYPE-MOON huh?
01年前 (1年前)kyoshinheikyoshinhei
kodamaanime (1年前) #8463837Speaking of skills you have to teach me! Ha I have a few things I NEED to mold, as well as I wouldn't mind helping people too!
Sure, don't hesitate to ask.
Speaking of which, I should really take some time to translate some of my G+ posts and make them public here on MFC because they would make for nice tutorials.
kyoshinhei (1年前) #8431318Okay, actually just after I had sent you the package I thought to myself: "Hey, but maybe I should have advised him to contact Good Smile for a replacement first, that'd have been probably better than my knockoff. Why didn't we think of that? Oh well, too late..."
But now I get it, turns out you had thought of it and already gotten one from GSC previously and now you could hardly ask them twice.
Anyway thanks again for the shout-out. You make it sound like it was such a big deal on my part but I assure you it was nothing. I mean, when I saw your post, I already had the parts, the skills, the time, the tools and the materials on hand so I had NO reasonable excuse whatsoever not to lend a hand. ^^
Besides it made for good practice for the times when I need to craft parts to fix broken figures.

Speaking of skills you have to teach me! Ha I have a few things I NEED to mold, as well as I wouldn't mind helping people too!




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