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026日前 (26日前)WindsorSevenWindsorSeven
Profile pictures (like picture #956278) go under "various".
By the way, where is that from? Lol nvm, just saw the pixiv link.
marukawa (3ヶ月前) #1940425home sweet home! i swear i walked nearly a mile today. @m@; park on one side, walk all the way to the other side of airport to my terminal. the one stop had me going from one end to the other again. then again at the final airport. wtf. D:
Ouch! I also had a funny moment at an airport once. Only once yet, knock on wood XD On my first visit to the U.S., I went to Seattle, Washington. I had a stopover in NY, JFK. Went off the plane and went (by foot) to pick up my luggage. Would you believe, my suitcases were the first to appear at the baggage claim. I picked them up and went to the gate of my connecting flight. Checked in, boarded the plane, got seated and the crate started rolling. It appears they had waited just for me >_<

Story is not over yet. When I arrived at my destination, the folks I stayed with told me that JFK had a shuttle service that's supposed to ferry passengers from their arriving gates to the departure gates. I hadn't known that, and all the better. Because had I used this shuttle, my luggage would probably still be circling on the conveyor belt XD
marukawa (3ヶ月前) #19320774 days left in NY! this saturday i'm heading back to texas! it's bittersweet. i don't wanna leave but i miss being in my own bed and i miss my cat. D: i'm excited to go home because i have a new tv waiting for me, and a blu-ray player and blurays and some other goodies from christmas.
I feel you! It must be great to see something new and have a good time! But it's also good to go back to where you feel at home. Having a bunch of Xmas presents waiting for you is also rather sweet - Christmas all over again! I wouldn't mind having that more often either XD

A couple of days ago the freezing temperatures in the northeast US were in the news. You were in the middle of it, so what did you think about it?

Enjoy the rest of your stay, and have a safe journey home!
Hi there, Merry Christmas in NY!
marukawa (4ヶ月前) #1885208i'm on staten island, and i've been to nyc twice so far, and will be seeing jersey boys on broadway next week on the 18th! there aren't any sky scrapers on staten island. there are many boroughs of ny that don't have them, as well. *nods* i've been here since nov. 6th and will be heading back home on jan 18th~ it snowed all day today! had a brief snow fight with my aunt's apt. tennant, carmen, when we got back from the restaurant earlier tonight. she got me once on my hip and i got her twice on her shoulder. even took a bite of fresh powdered snow. it's the best taste in the world to me!
Well, as a Texas resident you're not used to see very much snow I guess XD
Snowball fight! Sounds like pretty much fun :D We also had a bit of snow yesterday, but not enough to scrape together too many snowballs...
Umm, I remember eating snow in the past, too. It's refreshing for sure (As if you need any refreshment when frolicking around in the snow... Granted, if you're having TOO much fun, you might actually need some cooling down XD) Personally, I can imagine quite a few things tasting "better" than pure snow. But if you're in the mood to enjoy yourself in a snowy landscape, I think a bite of snow tastes pretty good.

Ah, New York City and New York State are of course two very different kettle of fish. Even New York City has areas without skyscrapers I guess. But I admit that when someone says "NY" the very first thing that comes to mind is Manhattan >_<

I'm glad you like it there. Spending the better part of two months there must be really awesome. I hope Jersey Boys will be just as fantastic as Cinderella :D




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