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marukawa (27日前) #2384110Trickster Online(private server) and Lucent Heart. :3 it's been a handful of months since i've touched either, though. @m@; i read fanfics mostly. and tumblr. /dying. lately i've been on a HTTYD kick and have been re-watching both movies again and again for the whole week. hehe ^^;
I figured I'd move the conversation to here because I'm actually curious about the MMOs and don't want to spam the picture page ^^; The only MMO i really got into for a short while is TERA. I'm not a huge MMO person but it was fun. But being a solo player (which I prefer) is pretty difficult. I've never heard of those two though. Maybe I'll check them out? Ah, I read fanfictions constantly. I feel like I run out of them so I write my own but never post them anywhere ( ̄ヘ ̄) I never actually got into those movies. My friends like them but the main guys voice annoys me so much I can't watch them.
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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
Happy Birthday !! :D
marukawa (5ヶ月前) #2175415we share a name! mine is spelled "Kalyn" instead. >w<; do you ever have trouble with anyone not being able to spell your name correctly? i live in texas and for some reason beyond me everyone puts a 't' in my name. or another 'n'. or C or i. basically all other spellings except "kalyn". i've been called Catherine once. owo;

Ah sometimes people spell my name as Kaylin. All depends. But usually they miss the "e".

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Profile pictures (like picture #956278) go under "various".
By the way, where is that from? Lol nvm, just saw the pixiv link.




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