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01ヶ月前DeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
Happy Birthday !! :D
marukawa (4ヶ月前) #2175415we share a name! mine is spelled "Kalyn" instead. >w<; do you ever have trouble with anyone not being able to spell your name correctly? i live in texas and for some reason beyond me everyone puts a 't' in my name. or another 'n'. or C or i. basically all other spellings except "kalyn". i've been called Catherine once. owo;

Ah sometimes people spell my name as Kaylin. All depends. But usually they miss the "e".

06ヶ月前 (6ヶ月前)WindsorSevenWindsorSeven
Profile pictures (like picture #956278) go under "various".
By the way, where is that from? Lol nvm, just saw the pixiv link.
marukawa (8ヶ月前) #1940425home sweet home! i swear i walked nearly a mile today. @m@; park on one side, walk all the way to the other side of airport to my terminal. the one stop had me going from one end to the other again. then again at the final airport. wtf. D:
Ouch! I also had a funny moment at an airport once. Only once yet, knock on wood XD On my first visit to the U.S., I went to Seattle, Washington. I had a stopover in NY, JFK. Went off the plane and went (by foot) to pick up my luggage. Would you believe, my suitcases were the first to appear at the baggage claim. I picked them up and went to the gate of my connecting flight. Checked in, boarded the plane, got seated and the crate started rolling. It appears they had waited just for me >_<

Story is not over yet. When I arrived at my destination, the folks I stayed with told me that JFK had a shuttle service that's supposed to ferry passengers from their arriving gates to the departure gates. I hadn't known that, and all the better. Because had I used this shuttle, my luggage would probably still be circling on the conveyor belt XD




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