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I'm a hobbyist sculptor and artist in hiatus as of the moment, but I like figures and toys in general that portray characters and concepts from the series I like as a form of art. I'm always seeking for complexity and toyetic value provided by the engineering and the overall presentation of the things I buy and collect.

I'm also eager to try and make my own figures and toy prototypes of my own, as I really enjoy the works of this kind of industry; so, I just hope I can get something done soon.

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naisor (6日前) #24723534Hey! Miren quién cumple años ahora. XD
Muchas felicidades!! Que la pases muy bien en este día.

Muchas gracias bro!
Feliz ☺. Feliz ☺. en tu día que. Reine la paz ✌ en tu día y que cumplas muchos más
Feliz cumpleaños mi estimado amante de Infinite Stratos, pásala bien bro!
01ヶ月前Abby9960Abby9960 Aquamancer Mage
Happy Birthday ^^!




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