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>Ryu Paladin
>Dancouga Nova
>God Raijin-Oh
>All those braves and other super robots
Damn, I'm so envious. You have great figures in your collection
nunornThanks for the FR or should I say obrigado pelo convite? :)

Ahah sim; E obrigada por aceitares :3
06年前Cupcakez89Cupcakez89 The quiet one
nunornIn term of percentage is the same, but EMS is more expensive than SAL so the final customs/tax is also increase. I hope I’m not making you worry about your shipment. I think only Europe has this unreasonable high tax....Oh no no ^_^ It's ok :) I never purchase anything that expensive from overseas ^^ so I have no worry about customs :)
thank you
wow , great collection !
is beautiful!
06年前Cupcakez89Cupcakez89 The quiet one
nunornhehe, I'm sorry, I haven't even notice I post in my own wall xD, well it's already little late.
yes 30% is too much.. That is why I try my best to avoid it. It makes me think carefully if I really want that figure :)
Well, good night....
Have a good night ^_^ I guess it's a good way to stop people from buying every figure they see >_< but still....30% is too much. Is it more if you ship EMS?




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