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Hey I'm an aspiring artist and I have a dream, at the moment as the first step to that dream I need to build a fanbase so I'm trying to get my work out there. It would mean everything to me if you could take a look and share my stuff. Right now there isn't much yet but I just started building my gallery a month ago but I will build it quickly. My avatar is a crop of something I drew myself. :D

[ext link ]

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Hey there, is your shirahoshi bra band saggy over time?
Still haven't received Corazon yet? Where did you order them from?
Hello, how's your POP 2016 lineup? going for the gender bend? xD
01年前 (1年前)LexiyLexiy The WCF Aficionado
Trust me on this.
Hey I was wondering if you have tried to put franky's grey little hands to the hole in the big pink one? I tried to push so hard but the ball peg wont push inside the hole :/




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