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Hello, I'm Rufus. If you recognise where my username comes from, then you already realise that I'll do anything for Lord Vetinari. Since I can't do much for him ... I'll channel my love (and money) into other avenues. I'm not much of an otaku so my knowledge of anime is limited, but I love all my favourite things very much.

In terms of my collector self, I casually collect Pokemon plushies whenever I happen to find them while physically shopping, or when I find a good deal in a shop where I've found some other figures I want. Well, I say that, but actually the majority of my plushies for now I bought while in Tokyo itself.

I'm very fussy when it comes to collecting figures because I never want to buy anything that I will be less than 95% satisfied with. For that reason, my collection is not as extensive as I wish it was, but I always tell myself that it'll be all the better for me when I do find things I love. Hopefully that will prove to be the truth ... Furthermore, I am currently a student so I don't really have a permanent home location yet (I study abroad from my parents' home) so I shouldn't really buy that many figures anyway, it'll be too much of a pain to move a huge collection.

For now, I want to focus on collecting Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica things. Whenever I'm shopping for Madoka figures, I always put figures of other characters in my basket, then talk myself out of buying them for fear I won't love them. Such are the habits of an inveterate cheapskate. I should get over it, in all likelihood I'll be pretty happy to have a full set of mahou shoujo, even though I vastly prefer Madoka over the rest.

My favourite anime character of all time is Kaname Madoka! I'm a bit of a nightmare fetishist and a beautifully written cosmic horror like Madoka Magica is very much my thing. I could go on forever about the narrative genius of Madoka Magica, but here I'll just say that I love Madoka for being such an infuriatingly flawed hero who doesn't let it get in the way of doing what's right. I love her open and loving nature, and I love how even the self-sacrificial part of her that eventually triumphs through the story is hugely double-edged. She's such a complex character, but in the end, she is a true hero, and I adore that of her. Naturally, I love her the most as Ultimate Madoka.

For some reason, despite my love for her, I am somewhat sadistic when it comes Madoka Magica and I enjoy everybody's suffering, Madoka being no exception. Maybe it's just because the show simply is that dark and that's how I like it. It's why I'm not so fond of item #78404 - it's a gorgeously made figure, but Madoka's life is such that she just doesn't have the opportunity for sincere, carefree smiles, and that's part of what I love about the Madoka Magica universe.

My dream figure of Madoka would be the scene in episode 10 where Madoka and Homura have defeated Walpurgisnacht and are about to become witches (you know, this), or even of that scene shortly before where Mami has trapped Homura, killed Kyouko, and Madoka then kills Mami. I know, it'll never happen ... sigh ...

My favourite μ's idol is Koizumi Hanayo! I love how she can let her passion overcome her shyness. Besides Nico, Hanayo is surely the happiest of the group to become an idol, and she can be so insightful about other people. Her love for rice is also very moe ♡ Hanayo-chan, I will be sure to continue supporting you!

My dream figure for Hanayo is her Cherry Promo UR. I love elaborate bases and a wine glass base would be so wonderful! I'd love it if her idolised Kunoichi card could become a figure too, not least because I love parasols. Perhaps it is all yet a pipe dream ... but can I at least hope for a prize figure of her in her summer uniform? No? Alright then ...

My favourite Aqours idol is Sakurauchi Riko! Just like with Hanayo, I feel happy to see how she tries hard despite her misgivings and the fact that she can't believe in herself. Riko is so precious, I can't help but root for her the most of everyone in Aqours ♡

Whatever figures of her will come, I hope they will be cute and elaborately designed! I look forward to following Riko's development in all aspects!

If you want to request photos of anything I have, feel free! I know how frustrating it is to look something up only for there to not be enough photos of it for you to make a decision. I'll also happily give you my opinion on anything I own as well~ Honestly, I'd make reviews for every single figure and plushie I have if I weren't so lazy.

For now I mostly live in the UK, but I also have a home in Malaysia, so if you want to offer me something I'm interested in and would be more comfortable sending to one country or the other, let me know!

Currently highly-wished
Victini Pokedoll item #75134
Koizumi Hanayo Nendoroid Petit: Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki item #236111 (located)
Phoenix Wright figma GSC pre-order item #437816
Feel free to pawn off any little things of the following characters on me (as long as the shipping isn't going to be absurd ofc): Kaname Madoka, Koizumi Hanayo, Victini, Taroutachi (Touken Ranbu - for a friend)

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I just pre-ordered item #464665 completely on impulse ... what is wrong with me, why do I love Madoka so much orz
rufusdrumknott (2ヶ月前) #18026483Hey there~ Wanted to PM you but your inbox is full - are you still selling your Sakura Nendo? :)

hello! i'm really sorry, i forgot to edit it but she's not avalaible anymore!
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