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After admiring the odd figure, i came across [ext link ] which has a ton of fantastic photos (the older ones being more for Nendoroid and the dolls) and got the courage to buy some of my own (Nendoroid/Figmas)... then from there it has flourished =D

ANN List : [ext link ]

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03年前DeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
sav (3年前) #2206762Thank you very much =) View spoilerHide spoilerShame about the football match though!

View spoilerHide spoilerNo hope, they probably will arrive at Heathrow tomorrow morning.. *_*
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
03年前DeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
You are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
sav (3年前) #1987350Awesome photos/collection/presentation ^_^ I'm a lil' jelly.

Hi! Thank you for your nice comment (^-^)/
I like this picture (mfc link)
especially the headcrab *hehe*
03年前 (3年前)savsav
Blitzy (4年前) #1566327Congratulations ^^. Have a great day.
Thanks, was busy in Germany working on a project so not the best :D but atleast got to eat some yummy Phad Thai =D
For some reason the reply button doesn't work =S




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