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Just an abnormal guy thats into electronics, Sneakers, Video games, and anime paraphernalia. No one can really tell what type of person I am or what im into just by looking or talking to me, and of course, this even accounts for anime figures.

As far as figures go, I used to have a type of preference when my collection was small, now a days I will go for almost anything that looks nice and here and there pick up a limited, hyped up figure to make my collection better, but generally I tend to lean towards busty women :/ I also prefer series im familiar with, however, im becoming more familiar with damn near everything that comes out through following figure news and the like.

I still do not generally buy trading figures or gashappons. Its generally a waste of space for me.

My Holy Grail.
I got this almost a year ago, and I still cant believe it. What should I go for next?

Also looking for resonably priced Yoko miku, louise, or mio and yui nendoroids. PM me ASAP!

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02ヶ月前Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
strictlystyles (2ヶ月前) #1997094yea im right at 9-1 and im about to take different paths. Its taken me a year or so to get this far because every level takes me about 2 hours to master on gold since im not clever in the slightest lol. floor 7 was just awful.....just awful.

Btw i recommend saving before the path and dont save the rest
That way you can do more endings without having to redo everything

Ofc that only works for 2 routes for Kath or Cath
02ヶ月前Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
strictlystyles (2ヶ月前) #1997085Just got to stage 9 on Catherine. Getting all golds up until then has my mind blown. Cant even touch this game for another few weeks lol.

So not unlocked any ending yet or you did?

Yeah once you finish one route youll be done with it for a while lol

But its so fun and addictive
Not enough touhou >:v
strictlystyles (3ヶ月前) #1905374killax! whatsup man. my holidays were ok, i bought a new tv but nothing much else besides me giving presents lol. Checkout my ordered list. I put so much crap on there even when I said I had to tone it down for the new year. im a terrible person lol. how was yours?

Yeah! All doing fine here man! Nice days though. I like your orderd list a lot! I really wish I could keep up with all the awesomeness that is going to come hahaha.

I enjoyed my holidays a lot, got some good gifts, gave some more, got a fresh pair of pants and kicks so Im happy :D






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