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Just re doing my profile after a few years lol.

If anyone is actually reading this, im just regular guy living in New Jersey, with a tad bit OCD obsession with buying anime figures and Nike/Jordan sneakers, and Video games. I know that sounds like an odd mixture of hobbies, I've just had Access to almost every video game and anime as a kid(brother was a higher up for Gamestop) and I watched alot of sports. That generally planted the seeds lol.

hope you had fun reading all that. Feel free to catch me on PSN/XBox live or even tumblr. Always willing to make new friends from MFC.

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024日前Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
(ext link)

Here is another opportunity to get devil louise, 3k opened
026日前 (26日前)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
strictlystyles (26日前) #2476351Im really amused you do that with your little dev versions, you definitely are Louise lover extraordinaire lol
which trading figs did you get were they older ones or were there some newer ones? I always wanted that mail order kirsche trading figure and the nendoroid plus louise too. but probably impossible.
as for that louise figure, somebody i knew offered it to me for 25 bucks and i just sat on the deal. soooooooooo many video games have come out and nintendo amiibos and such, i just forgot about it until she told me she sold it. I was a tad bit sad but not that sad.
Now, if it were the bustiere vers id be in tears, but that like never comes up at a good price.

Yeah i am, it has to suit her character andthat definitly does =P her sweet side tho should be with socks on :) and tsun and when ordering around.. :)

Well that is a rlly great deal! I dont know exactly what i paid anymore but i believe 4-5k ex shipping :) no regrets!
But i had 2 and sold one

Theyre from 2007 but were only recently added in the database, check my photos if you like to see my newest additions

Well kirche can be found on surugaya and yahoo atm i also felt tempted to buy her but decided to only go with the louises as this was my first time using from japan and didnt want to put too much money in it
She costs 1k on yahoo and 1,2k on surugaya i think (but no bank fees i believe)

Nendoroid plus? You mean that small keychain one or you mean the louise nendo with saito pop ups?

Depends on what you find good? Cause 10k for black bustier ver isnt a bad deal!
Once again i cant exactly recall what i paid but i paid 8k ex shipping i think but yen was quite cheap so i would prob have paid the same

I really love her white bustier ver, it is my fav of all louises i own and the first i would save in case a fire comes and i could only save one..
I got her from my love and i found a great deal but he paid it (140 euros) shes going for 22k on manda and wont get cheaper but shes a rare beauty
026日前Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
strictlystyles (26日前) #2476266chloe! whatsup? i just let a little devil louise slip through my fingers at half under retail sealed and I thought of you lol.

Hey doing great! I received my sweet 3 louise trading figures <3 theyre worth it since theyre louise :D

Aww did you let her slip on purpose or you just missed out on her? I rlly like that one /) i left one without sock other with sock so it seems she orders you to put on her sock :)

The sweet white ber i kept her socks on :)
strictlystyles (5ヶ月前) #2237267I wish, its a cover for one of the earlier manga chapters a few years back. There was a really good wallpaper someone that used a vector of this though. It was amazing.Are you in the drawing club
Did you do that Bleach pic there?





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