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Just re doing my profile after a few years lol.

If anyone is actually reading this, im just regular guy living in New Jersey, with a tad bit OCD obsession with buying anime figures and Nike/Jordan sneakers, and Video games. I know that sounds like an odd mixture of hobbies, I've just had Access to almost every video game and anime as a kid(brother was a higher up for Gamestop) and I watched alot of sports. That generally planted the seeds lol.

hope you had fun reading all that. Feel free to catch me on PSN/XBox live or even tumblr. Always willing to make new friends from MFC.

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strictlystyles (3ヶ月前) #2237267I wish, its a cover for one of the earlier manga chapters a few years back. There was a really good wallpaper someone that used a vector of this though. It was amazing.Are you in the drawing club
Did you do that Bleach pic there?
strictlystyles (4ヶ月前) #2207064you are too modest! but that's actually a good quality.
I'm a terrible person in that aspect. If I could draw as well as you, id be all everywhere like:

Ahahaha that gif is perfect. xD
strictlystyles (4ヶ月前) #2205288I wish I was that good at flattery lol, you are seriously really good. If i had a crap ton of money Id just pay you to draw me stuff all day because you deserve it!

Haha no it's great I'm glad people like my stuff! lol a lot of friends say that and I'm like ohhh the agony I wish. ahaha.
strictlystyles (4ヶ月前) #2191347this stuff.. tis amazing. You need to be famous, like, yesterday!

Aw thanks you flatter me! I wish I was! xD Would be nice to get paid to draw cute animu girls all day long!





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