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BNHA collection profile! I only list the items I intend to keep from the 50 sets I buy. The rest are in lists.

"Your sheer amazingness at everything you do was so brilliant to me it was blinding". -Izuku Midoriya to Katsuki Bakugou

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hey do you think you could possibly help me find one of those himiko toga badges? i've searched everywhere but im having trouble finding anywhere where i could buy one. Any help finding one for sale would be greatly appreciated :D
tsunabelle (15日前) #24467847Oh god, yeah honestly I'm just doing it blindly like I guess this works? LMFAO. I think it should put as a classification since it looks close to what the Free! one you linked is. I definitely hoped someone would be able to go in and save me so I'd definitely appreciate that a lot. I cry.

Haha well at least they're in the DB now. Makes sense, seems like the other cafes are also classifications. Will try and help as much as I can when I get my button pins this week (couldn't afford anything else and had to beg a friend to pass by them on her JP trip lol). Hopefully the packaging has more usable info than the site.
Ahhh you're adding in the cafe honpo stuff! I've been puzzling about how to do that. Do you think it's better to go with it as an event (i.e. DR in Namjatown encyclopedia #113491) or as a classification (ex. encyclopedia #86702 & encyclopedia #117716)?

I'm still waiting for my order to arrive so I can double check the manufacturer but will let you know afterwards how it goes.
ooh i hadnt looked at mercari in a while;; theres one there :-p thanks ! and yeah//// probably wont be finished any time soon but i'll certainly remember to show u haha
tsunabelle (27日前) #24012635aaaaaah i see. good luck!!!! be sure to look at otamart and mercari too if you havent! id love to see your finished product when you're all done!!
ah thank you much haha im already in the works of getting those auctions // just figured id contact u in case you were willing to sell haha // trying to make an ita bag <3

i'm glad u love her !! she has a good home good 2 know haha

tsunabelle (28日前) #23949679hello! im afraid i can't sell her to you (i adore her) but i can help point to where you can get her!
[ext link ]
you will need a proxy but she's available here!




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