I decided to tranfer my order.... From Crunchyroll to Hobby Search.... By refunding the original purchase and ordering from HS

So previously like two months ago, I pre-ordered ITEM #141317 and ITEM #141318 for my boyfriend as a surprise gift out of nowhere. I recently(like a few months ago) started to Pre-order figures to really get into the hobby, and I want my boyfriend to enjoy it too so why not give him a gift?

I bought them for $38 total: $27 for the figures, $11 for shipping.

Great deal right? Cheap shipping but months to wait for the actual figures...

Today, Hobby Search get their figures in and they have extras on sale for $21. Now I have a large loot coming at the end of this month so I can combine the orders. I thought "why not get them from Hobby Search and have them in two weeks for cheaper?"

So I did it. I bought them off Hobby Search and e-mailed Crunchyroll for a refund.

Terrible mistake...

I can't manually combine the figures on Hobby Search with my big loot of figures.

Crunchyroll hasn't replied yet with a refund. Maybe they don't allow refunds?(I checked all their rules, it never said refunds weren't allowed. Well except daily deals are non-refundable but I bought the figures when they weren't on the daily deal)

Hobby Search probably will charge me separately for the figures.

Boy, was I stupid....

So I emailed Hobby Search asking to combine the orders.

Now I'm waiting for Hobby Search to combine the orders and getting a refund on Crunchyroll.

I'm hoping for the best... And I feel really bad because me and my boyfriend share paypal. (That's a whole different story)

All I wanted was to get my boyfriend a yoko and nia as a gift... Not this whole mess...


Crunchyroll just sent an email saying they can refund the amount! I'm so happy, thank god.

Now I just have to recombine stuff... please Hobby Search <3
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Glad it worked out for you!
sarunamirabu7年前#1750055www.1999.co.jp/... ?

Now see, I have a bigger problem, I've been trying to figure this out by myself since Hobby Search is taking a while.

I combined all of the in-stock figures that I pre-ordered with the Yoko and Nia set.

BUT it won't allow me to ship them all together now.
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