I have been without my own place of residence for over over a year now. That said, a lot of my things, furniture, my figure collection, my manga books and much more is all in storage, or in bags at my parent's place (due to flooding they are all boxed). I will be likely moved out at the start of the year, and come spring be picking up everything out of my parent's house as well.

That said, I am looking forward to finally putting up, and getting to un-box both all my old loot and almost all of the past two years loot. It is going to be Christmas all over again, but I will also get to have fun reorganizing it all.

Here is a list of some of what i am looking forward to opening come move in day.

un-boxing for the first time

finally have after being at parent's for 5 years

  • togainu no chi ITEM #716 ITEM #715
  • 800+ volumes of manga (I keep a list of what I own and bring when I shop to avoid double buying)
  • custom Berserk Fury model (mine is black)ITEM #57722
  • 20+ 1/100 scale gundam models
  • CLAMP no Kiseki and CLAMP in 3-d land

miscellaneous joys

  • my lego collection in a malm dresser instead of boxes (100+ lb)
  • I can do photo shoots again (current space doesn't allow for it)
  • my bed

That said, moving all of it will be a pain, but worth the collection move again. I never recommend putting a collection in storage, because every day I sit at home and don't see all of the beautiful figures I bought in the last year, nor can I appreciate them. (this does cause me to constantly think I have less than I do).

Has anyone else been away from their collection for years?
Or felt like it was Christmas (or your Birthday) getting to unpack after a move?
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Leosach Born this way
Due to work... I came to work in a different city .. and for 8 months Im far away from my collection .. but thanks god Ill soon reunite with it ^^
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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