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NOTE: Spoilers are image heavy. You have been warned! Also this is the first time I'm doing a review, so feedback would be appreciated :)

Tales of Xillia, I'm sure many of you guys know of this game and it's 2 protagonists, Milla Maxwell and Jude Mathis. Today, I have Alter's 1/8 Scale Figure of Milla Maxwell (ITEM #84814) which I got off AmiAmi's pre-owned section for ¥6710. It was listed as A/C and I had it shipped via EMS together with my October loot which consisted of ITEM #99095 and ITEM #143931. That meant that I received a big ass box, with a crap ton of packing paper to boot.

Now firstly, the box. I was a little sceptical about how a box with condition C on AmiAmi's pre-owned would turn out, but I can safely say that I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it.
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http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2013/11/04/851344.jpegAnd here's the proof that the box is indeed listed as C

According to AmiAmi, for a box to be rated C, it is clearly damaged. But as you can see, even though the box is listed to be in the "C" condition, it practically looks brand new. There aren't any noticeable scuffs or dents at the sides of the box and it doesn't seem to be severely damaged. However the box is indeed quite dusty and there are quite a lot of scratches on the clear plastic parts of the box. Also, the edges seem to be a little dirty, but it was easily wiped off with a wet cloth. I personally feel that these are just trivial, and don't see how it can justify the "C" rating the box was given.
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Moving on, the figure itself is listed to be in the "A" condition. By AmiAmi's standards, this would mean that the figure is like new and is sealed, unopened or appears to be unopened. In case you're wondering, the figure did come wrapped in plastic, but I removed it before hand for convenience's sake.

As you can see, the plastic box holding Milla and her sword is undamaged and that she seems to be intact.
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And here's an overall look of the figure. As expected of an item in the "A" condition, the figure has no visible damage, paint transfers, broken pegs, etc. Although it was a little dusty, probably due to the box, it's not something that cannot be remedied quickly. One word of advice though, if you own this figure, do be careful while putting the sword into Milla's hand as it is a pretty tight fit and you can easily damage the sword or the figure by accident.
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All in all, even though the figure was listed as A/C, it turned out to be much better than I expected. The figure was in pristine condition and the box seemed as if it had only been collecting dust whilst left unopened on a shelf. This was my first pre-owned purchase from AmiAmi, and I certainly could not be more pleased with what I got. Given the opportunity, I would definitely opt to get another pre-owned figure from AmiAmi.

Personal Thoughts
On a side note, Alter sure did a hell of a job. This figure looks amazing, is very detailed and will definitely be a great addition to my very, very young collection. Here's some pictures that I took of the figure.
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Nice! Maybe next time I'll try getting a box C nendoroid.
Congrats on getting one!
I saw one on a street and passed it on cuz I was getting Rias Gremory but now I kinda regret it. LOLz
I recently got Naoe Kanetsugu A/C and her box looked perfect. The figures was excellent as well. I think AmiAmi is really nit picky about box quality; either way, I saved quite some money.
ghirahim6年前#1821354This makes me want to buy her and jude even more now.
I was going to buy an A/C Milla the other day from there but it was sold you. You must be the one that beat me!

Ninja fingers yo! jkjk. Best of luck in finding a Milla, she's a really nice figure!
Maybe you'll end up snagging a Jude before me D:
ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
This makes me want to buy her and jude even more now.
I was going to buy an A/C Milla the other day from there but it was sold you. You must be the one that beat me!
I'm guessing the C rating was due to the slightly bent top lid and the minor tape stain on the sides. I personally don't care about box condition, only the figures that's important. Great review! :)
Thanks for all the nice comments and I'm glad that I could help out. To be honest, I was kinda afraid the box would arrive all beat up and in tatters due to some people receiving really bad C boxes. But I guess everything turned out alright.

WindsorSeven6年前#1821159That's a C box? It hardly looks different from anything else. I wonder if their C figures are the same way?
Anyway, now you have to get Jude!

I also didn't expect a C box to turn out this way. Personally I wouldn't dare risk a C figure, but I've heard that sometimes the figure is only missing a minor part whereas the rest of it is in pristine condition. And yeah, gonna have to go get myself a Jude now xD
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
That's a C box? It hardly looks different from anything else. I wonder if their C figures are the same way?
Anyway, now you have to get Jude!
I don't really care for the box cause my brand new figures' box always..ALWAYS gets damaged during shipping OTL....I try to buy figures in A or B condition though.
Hmmm I always thought Amiami did a pretty good job with their pre owned section but I do wonder how they determine the grading and who does it because of the discrepancies btw quality.
PVC anime figure store.

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