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Shingeki no Kyojin - How did you find out about the series?Shingeki no Kyojin - How did you find out about the series?

Hello everyone,

This is my very first blog here on MFC so hope you enjoy it.

On that day mankind received a grim reminder... O_O
What is Shingeki no Kyojin ( Attack on Titan )? Surely you must of heard or seen the series before, but if not then you'll know now.
Attack on Titan started as a manga series in 2009 that was written by Isayama Hajime. Because of its huge success it was adapted into anime. Due to its popularity in Japan and many other countries it became the hit anime of 2013.

I found out about Attack on Titan as it was pretty much like everywhere on the internet and the first thing that came to my mind was battleships and huge monsters. NO THAT IS NOT WHAT THE PLOT IS ABOUT!!
I started watching during mid-October last year and was hooked immediately after watching the first episode. I have seen so many anime series and I would say that Attack on Titan is the best. Till now I am a huge Snk fan! I do prefer watching Shounen anime.

Every episode is epic and intense and you want to keep on watching. Though the story may be dark and gruesome at times, even some scenes can be sad that it makes you want to cry T_T (I'm not the type of person who can get very emotional, but I have seen one particular anime that actually made me cry and it was Clannad.) I would really recommend to others who haven't seen Attack on Titan yet to watch it.

Thank you for reading my blog!

And... What is your Favourite Snk Character?
My favourite characters are Eren, Levi and Mikasa.
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How you knew about Attack on Titan?

  • 36%It's everywhere on the internet!
  • 14%My friends/family/relatives introduced it to me
  • 12%I hear people talking about it
  • 17%I knew about the manga before the anime came out
  • 1%Haha, I didn't know till now...
  • 20%Other
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Friends from school were always talking about it xD
Used to be close to someone who loved the series a few years ago. I think it translated as "Advancing Giants" when she read it.
Found out about it when I looked at the anime seasonal charts ^^;;
It was very highly recommended to me by a good friend of mine here on MFC. SnK isn't usually the type of anime I usually go for, but after watching the first few episodes, I was hooked. (Took me 3 nights to marathon the anime, Madoka Magica has my single night marathon record. XD)
I'm finding that I like the manga over the anime now that I'm reading it, and even though I'm a Production I.G. fan.
As far as favorite characters? Has to be Levi, Armin and Hange. That psychopathical gal needs more figure love!!!
I found out through a article saying that the director of death note and others are working on a project that will be announced very soon ~
I was so refreshed by this shows uniqueness and LOVE how Isayama goes into detail on how things work such from the defense cannons to the politics within the walls.
It has a plotline where you have no idea where it's going to head towards next, but all you can do is hold on tight for the ride. The female characters are not your typical helpless damsdale in distress, they are bad ass strong individuals who you cant help but love, and most importantly how HUMAN he makes the characters.
Oh, and finally my favorite character would have to be Ymir
Pretty much because it was everywhere and every anime fan was talking about it. Still, I kinda struggled with my own curiousity because I really don't like gory anime. I was like: "it seems this will be as gory or more than Elfen Lied", which I consider to be too much. Still, I finally gave in and completed the series yesterday. And even though there are gallons of blood, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. But the manga seems to be as gruesome as I fear.

I do think it is a good story, but it is like some say, a lot of character development is needed. Maybe that was the reason why I didn't care much about many deaths happening... until View spoilerHide spoilerPetra T___T. It wasn't as bad as Maes Hughes funeral, but close.

There are some parts that can get as epic as Gurren Lagann View spoilerHide spoilersince riding a Titan could be compared to pilot a mecha xD and you can't help to wish to see Eren snap. The soundtrack also helps to boost that epic feeling. It reminds me a lot to Sengoku Basara's soundtrack, which makes sense since it was also made by Production I.G. And well, I would be lying if I say I do not like Mikasa, but hoping for a 2nd season to feature a lot more Levi. And can't wait to see View spoilerHide spoilerKrista getting her role expanded!.
Wow! So you watched all the 25 episodes in one night??? For me I think it took more than 2 weeks and I watch a few episodes not everyday. Sometimes I can be very busy with school work so I won't have time. I joined MAL not long ago but I only go on it sometimes.NemsEngelAceSasu (4年前) #2058214My friend told me about, again, again and again.
But that wasnt the reason. xD
I think it was like 8:00 PM and i was bored, so i decided after browsing on MAL i will watch it. xD
So i begann watching, until i watched all episodes... Couldn't find a cut, so i was falling dead in my bed after this marathon. :D
Lol, I learned about it quite awhile ago after watching one of The Black Buster Critic's reviews on YouTube xD
Tumblr blew it up saying it was the best Anime of 2013. I took a look and honestly, i think because Tumblr overhyped it made me dislike it so much. I gave Episode 1 a chance and it gave me a 2Edgy4Me vibe and the art style bothered the hell out of me, bug eyes everywhere. The only thing i like is the OP and that's it.

Other then that, i had AoT blacklisted on Tumblr since it was annoying showing up on my dashboard and i didn't wanna unfollow wonderful peeps because of their interests in it.
shiki-kywketsuki (4年前) #2058445No option for just deciding to watch the anime when it aired?
but seriously I just saw it on the season chart, saw Production I.G and the tag horror and was sold. weeks down the line when it started airing it turns out its everywhere....and now everyone watches it.

same here, except for the going to horror tag lol
i usually check out the new season chart and see whats interesting and watch that.
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