I got the following verified mail from tsume -

Gutentag meine Damen und Herren,Wir sind das Tsume Art team aus Luxembourg.Weil wir leider kein Deutsch sprechen, schicken wir an Sie einen E-mail in Englisch. Unserer Tsume Art Team glaubt daß dieses E-mail sehr wichtig ist, weil Sie unsere Produkte beim Kingplayer in Berlin bestellt hatte. Wir versuchen das unten zu erklären in Englisch, weil wir Sie hilfen möchten.Danke schön, das Tsume Art Team_________________Hello, I am Dave from Tsume. It is our understanding that you made a reservation for Kakashi Hatake Xtra with KingPlayer and you already paid for it. There have been unexpected issues with KingPlayer and they can no longer provide you with your order. We as Tsume-Art are very sorry for this unfortunate situation. Y ou should know that, although you have already been charged for this product, we have not been paid for it yet.That’s why we can’t provide you directly with the product you ordered. However, we – at Tsume – are very upset with the way our fellow customers are being taken care of and we want to offer you a solution to get your product anyway. Of course, I also strongly advise you to ask for a refund from KingPlayer.Since KingPlayer ordered products from us they can no longer get, these will soon be available again on our website. We offer you the opportunity to order the product as you wanted. To be sure you can order this product, we decided to notify you before we make offer it to our regular customers. Please note that, if previously sold out, Kakashi Hatake Xtra will be available on www.tsume-art.com on 07-08-2014. The available quantity and the product will soon get sold out again.Of course, we know you already p aid for your Kakashi Hatake Xtra. Since we can't provide you with a free product, Tsume-Art is glad to offer you: For each product previously reserved at KingPlayer you may order from us, you will receive 2 discount coupons for future orders. EACH OF THESE COUPONS WILL BE HAVE A DETERMINED VALUE DEPENDING ON THE PRODUCT you reserved to KingPlayer: For Each HQS product preordered, you get 2 coupons of each 100€. For Each HQF product preordered, you get 2 coupons of each 30€. For Each XTRA product preordered, you get 2 coupons of each 20€. - Please Note - These coupons can not be used both the same time. On top of that, should you get your refund from KingPlayer, you could still keep the coupons.These coupons will only apply on products with a similar or superior retail price and are not cumulative. You can't use any of these coupons to buy any products you had purchased from KingPlayer. However, these coupons have no limitation of date.Here are the list of the products you purchased from KingPlayer and their discount codes :Product : Kakashi Hatake Xtra by Tsume, Code : KJX2H, value : 20€Product : Kakashi Hatake Xtra by Tsume, Code : XHU9P, value : 20€We as Tsume-Art sincerely hope this solution will satisfy you because this is the very best we can do. We treasure our FANS and collectors who support us in creating these great collectibles. We are truly sorry that your order could not be honoured by your resellers.We decided to contact you by email in case our call might bother you. However, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO REPLY TO THIS EMAIL TO LET US KNOW IF YOU NEED US TO CALL YOU PERSONALLY TO EXPLAIN THIS AND HELP YOU WITH THIS SITUATION.Sincerely yours,Tsume-Art Team

I have asked for full refund from kingplayer.de who are yet to reply to me. One other mfc user has received similar mail from tsume for madara xtra. Ask for refund asap if you receive this kind of mail.
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I have also had an order cancelled by kingplayer recently and they have not replied to my emails or issued a refund:( Is anyone else still waiting for a refund for their order?
i've heard of ppl waiting longer than 1 month waiting for refunds.
Propably time to call a lawyer.... actually they seem to be on the Gamescom next week. Maybe i can get my money back there.

worst case kingplayer is not going to give anyone refunds because they're broke or something? at least it looks like from that mail.

good luck everyone! and Tsume is great! good team!

kingplayer issues full refund.
Btw could it be that Kingplayer just lost their rights to sell Tsume figures?
Figuya started to post a lot of them recently.
Maybe they switched distributor?
lucy4 Free! Lover
Kingplayer are at AnimagiC right now so you might have to wait a bit longer for an answer as it is a big convention and I don't think they will be fully back before Tuesday.
That's some real good customer service from Tsume, considering they really don't owe you anything, but are trying their hardest to make sure you can still get the item you ordered. :)
Sounds a litte fishy to me, to be honest. Especially the way it is written, with all those capital letters. Not sure it looks professional to me.
I never heard of Kingplayer being unable fo fulfill their preorders. Plus if, I'm pretty sure they'd tell you themselves immediately if so. Have you simply tried asking them? Sometimes they need a few days to get back to you, but they will. They have always replied to my mails, at least.
theyasminshow Militant Missionary
I wonder what went wrong with KingPlayer, but Tsume's customer service is pretty ace right there.
Woah sorry to hear that!
Thank god I didn't go with kingplayer and ordered my HQS directly via Tsume.

As bad as this situation is, I can assure you Tsume's customer service is excellent and they're super fast to process orders, so I doubt you'll have any problems dealing with them directly.

Hope you'll get your refund and your Kakashi soon!
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