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New York City Comic Con 2014 LootNew York City Comic Con 2014 Loot

Well my friend already posted one, so I thought I would. Here's my loot from NYCC. And here's my friends


First we stopped at Nintendo World before the first day. My friend is not as much a Nintendo fan, but I was going crazy. Got several things there. A zelda jigsaw puzzle($10), nintendo world mug($8), triforce shirt($20), and mario socks($8). It all came in a pretty sweet quality zelda bag.

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I bought a lot of presents for my family, we are all big nerds. Stopped by a Star Trek Booth and got my dad a letter opener Bat'leth($25), also snagged myself a nice insignia pin($6) so I could get this giant bag for free.

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Also stopped by the Sanshee booth. I finally decided on buying these pokemon badge pins($20) I'd been wanting. Now I just need a cool place to put them. I also got my sister some Mario earrings($15) that I gave her so forgot to get a pic

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Then I stopped by a neat incense booth. I decided to get something for my other sister there so got her a nice little plate($8) and Aloewood incense($7). I also really liked these origami holders($7) so got one for myself.

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Then there was a neat place with a lot of TV inspired collectables. I got these neat prints with quotes from my moms favorite shows, Doctor Who and Sherlock. Both for $12

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I found several artists I liked there, and spent way too much money on posters I need frames for. The artist did nice ink prints. I got an adventure time one for my sister with the incense, and the totoro bookmark one I got for my mom, the rest are for myself. All these cost $30 together

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I got these two books, I used to read a lot, and still try to. Volumes from the winners of the Writers of Science Fiction awards. They were pretty cheap too, so $12 for both.

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I was hurting my shoulders all weekend and wanted a small backpack. This one cost a bit more than I wanted, but it was nice and I needed it. The front pocket is also detachable and can be used on its own. Got it for $40

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Then I got a sweet fully functioning cane sword keychain. My friend got Excalibur from the fate series to make it cheaper, two for $15, so $7.50.

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Then I got a cool wooden sword, Gintoki's from Gintama. Another thing my friend and I both got. Two for $20, so $10. Unfortunately it was shut down from getting it on the plane. I caught my friend in time and left it with him to send to me. So here's his pic

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Now for the bulk of my posters. My friend got a set of three from the same artist. We got Samus in common, then I got Princess Peach and a nice Zelda one. All three for $40

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I also got this set from an artist in Artist Alley. This artist had way too much good Zelda art. I got a very nice one of Link and Zelda in an intimate moment I fell in love with. Also one with Zelda and Hilda from link between worlds. Then a long two poster set of all the sages from Ocarina of Time. All for $45

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The my friend and I got this Horo poster, two for $15, from a great artist. She had a lot of good artwork, but we had spent a lot already so didn't get much more.

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Then we went to the Miku exhibit after the con, it was a hard decision on what poster to get, I settled on the halloween miku. But she did not travel well so idk how well she will look. Oh, also got the halloween nendroid at the good smile company booth during the con. poster for $25, nendroid for $45.

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Then we did go to the after party for IA, the new vocaloid. I wanted something for a memorial of it, so I bought the cheapest CD there. It turned out to not have much on it though. $15

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Well to top everything off I had a nice surprise to lessen the strain on my wallet. I live in Maine, was staying with my friend in NYC. My flight back home was supposed to leave at 9:30am. I was bumped off my flight and had to wait in the airport until the next flight at 2:50pm. I was initially upset, but the airline gave my $600 for the trouble. so +$600

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ym639ee6vq5 (4年前) #2438806sure do! Here you go jimbobox.devian...
it's great stuff

Thank you! I love this artist's style! Hopefully they come down to Vancouver!
pixiebear (4年前) #2436212The Samus and Peach posters are precious! Do you remember who the artist was? I'm dying to get my paws a print or two!

sure do! Here you go jimbobox.devian...

it's great stuff
The Samus and Peach posters are precious! Do you remember who the artist was? I'm dying to get my paws a print or two!
The more I see the Halloween Miku and stuff related to her...the more I regret not pre-ordering her ;-;. You got some nice loot and were pretty lucky to get that $600 lol. Had it been me...I would have been grateful but still annoyed to have to wait that long for the next flight since I'm so impatient XD. The art was really nice too. I'm definitely hitting up the artist alley when I go to my next con in about a month =)
Awesome things. The Samus artwork is great. THX for sharing!
Looks like you broke even after that airline payout. That's awesome.
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