Detolf Custom Lighting Tutorial (Prep)Detolf Custom Lighting Tutorial (Prep)Tutorial

Okay MFC-ers, I thought I'd do a prep tutorial for my custom Detolf lighting, as you'll be needing materials and some cutting to do before install. This build is mostly wireless and will give a similar look of the photo below. This build will also allow you to set custom color profiles on your LEDs and save them to hotkey buttons. Lets get right to it, first things first what you'll be needing for the build.



(1) Supernight 16.4ft (5M)non-water proof flexible strip 300 LEDs SMD (5050) RGB

(2) Klus B188ANODAL 78.75in Anodized Aluminum Mounting Channel

(2) Klus 1547L 78.75in Frosted Mounting Channel Lens - K Cover

(1) Zitrades 10pcs LED Strip 5050 RGB Connector

(1) M-D Building Products 02071 1/4 by 1/2in Foam Tape Open Cell(17ft)

(1) 3M Foam Tape 2-Sided 1/2in (Standard Roll)

Everything above can be found and purchased through Amazon thus the links, for the mounting channels & lens covers they can also be purchased at www.1000bulbs.c.... There is a few different options for colors on their site for the mounting channels, just make sure they're the same profile and length.


There will be some light minor tool work involved for cutting the mounting channels for the LEDs. For the aluminum channels I'd recommend a dremel rotary tool if available as it'll be much easier and accurate. Better than the lesser tool which would be a hacksaw. The dremel tool will allow for some fine tuning on the cut end as well.
Dremel Rotary Tool:www.google.com/...

Cutting the channel lens cover is way easier, I recommend a pair of medical shears as they'll give you the cleanest cut. I didn't attempt using scissors to cut the lens so I got nothing there for you guys, sorry.
Medical Shears
or Scissors

Measurements & Cutting
Okay now that we have what we need materials wise it's time to measure and cut. If you need help with this part please seek it out, safety first people! If you've never used a dremel tool before it can be a bit tricky but it's not too bad once you get a few cuts in. Also eye protection is recommend as the dremel is running at a no-load RPM of 35,000.

Aluminum Channels: Cut to the length of 60 3/4in
(Save the short extras you'll need one of those next)

Short Extra Channel: This piece is going to run at the top front of the Detolf display, you'll want to cut this to 13in.

Channel Lens Cover (1):
The first lens can be cut on the line measured previously. 60 3/4in
(Again save the extra pieces, don't throw them away)

Channel Lens Cover (2): For this cover you want to cut it a 1/2in shorter from the measured line. This will let the LED cable run out of the channel at the bottom when installing.

Short Extra Channel Lens Cover: Cut this piece to 14in,this will serve as the top channel lens cover. This piece will need to be longer so make sure its at least 14in.

The hard part is over, congratulations!! You have all of the cuts done and you're ready to run the LED strips. Keep an eye out for the install tutorial, coming soon!
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glich6104年前#4366065thanks for this!

No problem! Hope it was helpful!
thanks for this!
Retro8bit5年前#2925994Sorry if this is a stupid question, but does the light do anything to the paint on a figure over time? Good tutorial by the way. :)

Nope, LED won't wear on the paint at all, plus there's for the most part 0 heat which is also good. I did put foam board on the backside of the Detolfs to block a window that's behind them. Sun = not good for figures haha
StephieHerbert5年前#2926195Awesome, very detailed! Thanks for posting.

Thanks, and not a problem. No clue if people will actual use it, but it's all good haha
theyasminshow5年前#2931430Thanks for posting the actual materials used with links. *thumbs up*

No problem, figured it'd be the easiest for anyone interested in this lighting setup. Reasonable price wise too, about 90-ish for everything.
theyasminshow Militant Missionary
Thanks for posting the actual materials used with links. *thumbs up*
Awesome, very detailed! Thanks for posting.
Retro8bit5年前#2925994Sorry if this is a stupid question, but does the light do anything to the paint on a figure over time? Good tutorial by the way. :)

Over a very very very very very........ very ...... long time. Lets put it this way, if you are really using LED lights, not in your lifetime =D.

I like the concept I should def, try with my display cases. It is a bit dark so I think those would be amazing. I don't use detof cases though, they were quite flimsy for me =x.
Retro8bit Old School Gamer
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but does the light do anything to the paint on a figure over time? Good tutorial by the way. :)