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The last few days I have been following my package almost every minute with the tracking code I received. I was extremely happy it appeared they would deliver my package yesterday, because today is the last day I'm at the adres the package would be delivered, since I'm going home for the holidays. I stayed home for almost the whole day, I checked if there were any notes left behind in case they had been here and I didn't hear the bell or something, but nothing till 21.30, the time their site said I could expect package delivery. This hasn't happened to me before. Every time the tracking says 'Departure from inward office of exchange' I know I can expect it that day, since they update that at night. So I go back to the tracking, looking if something changed, since they started to say 'processing at delivery post office'. I looked and I was very suprised, since it showed 'Retention' as update! I only get Retention if they try to deliver and I'm not at home. They have to leave a note they tried and they have to return the next day to try again. But none of this happened, I didn't even get a note.

Because my tracking said a few times 'Retention', I knew something was wrong. Numerous times 'Retention' means they wont try again and I have to go to the post office to get my package. But how can I know that if they don't leave a note? They have to leave 2 notes on 2 seperate days before I have to go to the post office. First one is like 'hey, we tried to deliver, you weren't home, we are coming back tomorrow and if you have to pay you have to pay x amount'. If you aren't home the next day they give you a similar note, but then stating where you can pick up your package. With my last few packages they didn't even bother to give me the first note, they only gave the last note saying I have to pick it up myself. I understand that if you have tried it twice, but not if it was only the first time you tried. Luckely the post office is not more than 5 minutes on bike away, but otherwise it would have bothered me more. But not leaving a note, that is a first for me.

Because today is the last day before the holidays I'll be here, I decided to go to the post office, asking if they knew more about my package. I gave my name, where I lived and where the package would come from and they went to the back and they came back with my package! I was glad I could get my package, but at the same time I'm furious they didn't even try to deliver it at my home. I have been home the whole day, paying attention if I would hear a bell, looking for notes I missed them and the whole fucking day I got nothing. I wouldn't know a thing if I didn't have the tracking. If I hadn't gone there today my package would have been send back 17 July. And I wouldn't have known a thing, since the mailman didn't leave a note. It could have been worse, I couldnt have tracking and then I didn't even know they were supposed to deliver it yesterday, (edit) so I wouldn't have know something went wrong with the notes and stuff. At moments like that I'm really happy I got tracking.

When I'm at my parents home I will call the central post office. The lady from the post office was kind enough to give me a card with a phone number to call to complain about it. This isn't the first time they didn't try to deliver, but that was only the second delivery so I got a note for that. Still bothersome, but then I knew what was happening and where my package was. Now it could have gone way worse. The post office lady said it was because the mailmans for packages are ZZP'ers (independents workers without personel, a bit like out-sourced workers) and they don't want to bother with packages you have to pay for. I think that is highly unprofessional, because most of the times people know they have to pay and are prepared for that. They stay at home for that especially and you can't just do such a thing. I really hope this won't happen again in the future, because it could make collecting a lot more stressfull. I'm glad I changed the shipping adres for my other packages arriving this summer to my parents home, so things like this won't happen for a few months!
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I've never had these problems, but then again, I only once had the post deliver my figure. Most of the time it's a packet service.
This has happened to me. =_=

I was at work and saw that it was missed. I was so upset, because my mom and grandma had both stayed home. I called, so upset that they couldn't even answer the door...but they said no one had come. I called the company and they said they would redeliver it the next day.

So, the next day, there I am, waiting. I check the tracking. "No one answered." I was livid! I was on the couch by the door and this failed delivery had supposedly happened a few minutes of me checking the tracking. So I called the customer service and explained to them what had happened (I didn't want to take it out on the customer service woman, she wasn't at fault. But I was so upset!). They ended up redoing the delivery that day but still couldn't bring it to me and dropped it off at the apartment office. I was just happy to get the stupid thing by that point.

I have a mailman now that knows me well enough to not ditch, so I'm grateful for that (He even stopped me on the way to work to sign for a package so I wouldn't miss it). But it can be really hit or miss. I'm glad you were at least able to get it while you were still in town. :(
FL45H89 It happens to you.
Dido5年前#3104949It must be wonderfull to have a regular mailman that does stuff like that! Would make things a lot easier to know a regular person is handling your packages ^^."regular person " you mean like a normalfag XD
FL45H89 It happens to you.
Ah this has happened b4
Wow, looks like it is for many people almost normal that their postal system doesn't even try to deliver at home. Thinking back I realise there have been stories about this before, but I never expected something like this to happen in the Netherlands, since I have the feeling we have a reliable postal system that doesn't do such things. I'm glad to hear people still get their packages despite it, but I wonder how many untracked packages never arrived because of such practices.
Happens to me all the time. Deliveries are usually in the morning, so throughout the school year I was never home to get them and would find the notice in my mailbox, but at times I happened to stay home all day (due to being ill, national holidays, or whatever) and got the notice without ever hearing the doorbell ring.
Once I checked the tracking as you did and waited for them at the window (they always come around 10 AM, according to the notices)- sure enough, they came and left the notice in the mail without even ringing. I didn't bother going after them 'cause I live on the fourth floor and wouldn't have made it in time, but still...
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Same thing happens to me. It happens less now because I think my post has realised I'm a rabid otaku, butanyway...One time I kinda stalked the delivery person sat and waited a normal person on a bench near our mailbox for them to come. The postal worker didn't even have my parcel and had no intention of even trying to deliver it. I called with a complaint and they said that it was because the parcel was EMS and it has to be delivered before 3pm (my mail comes anywhere between 2:50 to 4:00). This excuse as to why it wasn't even on the mail truck seems asinine but after I did notice my slips say attempted to deliver at 8 something am, which is just a lie. Also, I live in an apartment complex that signs for boxes...yet they never end up there. Post logic. I don't mind waiting for my parcels, but my post has literally refused to bring them to me. It also randomly takes 10+ days for my mail to arrive (sometimes even if it's sent from somewhere a few hours drive away). I feel like I don't live in the US. XD;;
Yeah, most of the time Canada Post never seems to bothers delivering to my door. It goes straight from 'out to delivery' to 'left a notice, package can be picked up at post office'. We have a pretty loud door bell and a dog that barks whenever there's someone close to the door (she's friendly though, the lady who DOES deliver to our house loves her haha), but most of the time neither goes off. Maybe they just softly knock and leave? Idk haha...usually I don't mind picking it up, but yeah, I can understand how it can be annoying.
This regularly happens to me, i have sat and waited close to the door only for them to notify their system saying "Failed to deliver : Reason : No one was home".
I think overall this has happened like 6 or 7 times to me. ( i actually caught the postman once, as i heard him mail my neighbour but skip my door so i went after him to get my package)
I hope you are luckyer than me next time and dont get a regularly bad mailman
This exact same thing happend to me last month.
I was really pissed because just like you said if you don't know you have to pick up your package it'll just be send back. I called the post office the next day and demanded a second delivery and to my suprise they actually came three days later. (for some reason a second delivery can not be made the next day but only three days after asking for one) I tried that at least four times before and nobody ever showed up.
Anyway I did get the notification after all and only two weeks after they supposedly didn't found me at my home. Too bad my package would have been long sent back and even the date on the notification was from two weeks prior so they would have just said it was my fault for not coming to pick it up in time.
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