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Just how long can you hold out resisting the urge and temptation to purchase a new figure? WELL!?

Hmm... I suppose I've had another rite of passage in terms of figure collecting. Azusa ITEM #265072 and Tsumugi ITEM #265076 are two characters I know absolutely nothing about. Mind you, I'm waiting for the first season to come out on a Blu Ray set in September and I already have the Second Season plus Movie.

The strange thing is, neither of them were even on my radar. I remember seeing someone's link to them at some point, but as to why I went ahead and preordered them is a mystery. Perhaps my mental defenses have finally been sheared away after being up too many hours. Maybe I'm finally slipping into the cracks of figure collecting hell and getting what simply looks too cool to pass up. Regardless, I ordered them both with little to no hesitation and I think I liked it.

So members of MFC, what say you? Has this strange phenomenon ever happened to you? If so, what was the longest time you waited after seeing an awesome figure that you kicked reason to the curb and ordered them? In other words, how strong is your will to resist or fail to resist purchasing a figure? What figure finally did in your willpower?

Last thing I'll mention, I almost feel like I both won AND lost at the same time. Winning because I'm getting something that will likely be painful to get later and yet losing because I crossed some invisible threshold of which there is no return...
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How Strong Is Your Will Vs Figures?

7%Unbreakable, No Figure Has Ever Changed My Ways!
26%Ironclad, I've Lost An Internal Fight or Two and Purchased
36%Reasonable, I've Said No Internally But Broke Down Sometimes
18%Kinda Weak, I've Justified My Purchases Through Awesomeness Alone, But I Can Still Say No Sometimes
12%Weak, I'm More Impulsive Than Reasonable, But Who Cares?
1%Pantsu, I wait until I can see if the figure has a nice booty before ordering
0%Metal testes


I started out as follows:

Weak - Bought ITEM #31747 and ITEM #98781 because they were on sale. Bought SHF Nico and Maki because I loved the outfits, but stopped after two and never looked back. PO'd ITEM #272977 to 'start' a racing collection since I already have ev Mirai 2014, but sold the racing miku.

Ironclad - I was fine with ITEM #236204 as my wallpaper, but eventually lost my fight. Not sure how long that lasted. ITEM #236234 ~three weeks til I caved..and bought two.

Unbreakable - original idolmaster. Your blu-ray scales will not break me!!! TAT At least I hope not -A-...

Now I'm TRYING to be good and stick to my favorite characters, even that seems a lot. (Stuck in idol hell atm).

Sorry for the long post ^_^;
I want it, I have the money, I buy.
I used to be fairly weak, but then I moved to a more expensive apartment and basically ran out of room to put new figures as it is. I do pretty well now. I have passed on the new Shiki, and Aniplex's Kaori (though I am considering getting the GSC one if it looks good painted) and Nendos which are like the candy or potato chips of figures (YOU CAN'T BUY JUST 1) I have resisted getting at least 5 in the past few months.
I'd rank anywhere between Ironclad and kinda weak - it really depended on the series/awesomeness factor but once nostalgia becomes a factor all logic goes out the window along with the wallet
the only thing that prevents me from buying new figures is the lack of money hahah!
Ironclad one. These were Pit and Dark Pit with first release bonus(well,, I've asked a person to order some for their shop and waited ~3 years before actuallybuying them).
I'm usually unfazed by most figures since they don't interest me, but if something absolutely gorgeous comes out, even if I didn't watch the series, I pretty much just go 'WHATEVER, I'M GETTING IT AND ITS GOING TO MAKE ME HAPPY!" and then a day or two later I start doubting myself and start thinking about how maybe I shouldn't have decided so soon....... And once again I rationalise that it makes me happy and I shouldn't stop myself from getting things that do just that. A couple of days later the same thing happens and keeps happening until the figure arrives and I'm just like #noregrets /////w/////
Every now and then...

I ranged from "reasonable" to "(kind of) weak." I can't buy figures every often due to renewing my attention on other interests than anime/manga items and of course, money. It is considered "reasonable" to buy the figures now than on a later date because it will sold out forever some time soon and if I have money at the ready. I downgraded to "weak" when I found something I want from Amiami's pre-owned section. >.>
WaltZ0155年前#3162230Which ending are you referring to? Because I thought this outfit was created especially for this 5-year anniversary artwork.

Hmm... to clarify, I hadn't watched any of the series prior to purchasing, but I decided to at least watch the ending songs as my final mental coin flip. They looked badass enough in their first season's ending and looked even better in this. So when I look at the figures or when I get to watching the show, I'll have fond memories of both.

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